Next time, I’ll clone him with a sense of humor.
  -- Dr. Mindbender (after Serpentor tosses him across the room)
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"That Harvey do Paul Bunyan proud."
- Wild Bill (after hearing Harvey explain to a crowd that G.I.Joe asked him for help)

Destro tries to convince Cobra Commander that the rocket fuel can be used as a super-fertilizer which can be added to plants and substituted for the ground forces. Cobra Commander tells Destro that he fears for the arms dealer’s sanity and tells his Crimson Guards to take Destro to the prison. After he has been escorted out of the room, Cobra Commander tosses the pea out of a window, and it lands and begins to rapidly grow toward the Cobra base.

Cobra Commander visits Destro, who is chained to a wall, but he is interrupted as the vines from the pea pod break down the walls and cause rubble to knock out the Crimson Guards. Cobra Commander is trapped in the grip of a vine and Destro shoots the vine to free Cobra Commander after insulting him about how even Cobra Commander's minuscule imagination should now be able to grasp the power of the mutated plants. Destro tells Cobra Commander, who immediately talks with the arms dealer in a chummy voice, that the plant seeds they need can be found in a greenhouse in North Dakota and that a show of force should be made in Chicago.

Breaker radios Wild Bill and the other Joes that Chicago is under attack by Cobra’s plants and that Cobra Commander has demanded the surrender of the city or else he will turn the entire metropolis into a “weedbasket.” Breaker also tells the Joes that Airtight is working on a formula to kill the plants.

As Shipwreck is sprayed with orange juice from an orange shot by Bazooka and mocked by Polly for his lack of knowledges about vitamin C, Alpine climbs the side of an Extensive Enterprises building, where the Crimson Guard Commanders shoot various vegetables at the city. Alpine shoot Tomax and Xamot’s cannon and the twins leap over the side of the building, climb onto Cobra CLAWs and fly away. As Alpine rappels down the side of the building, the twins attack him, but Alpine dodges the swipes of their wings and leaps onto Xamot’s CLAW.

Tomax tries to shoot Alpine, so the Joe kicks Xamot off the CLAW, thanks him for flying G.I.Joe Airlines and flies away while Tomax catches his brother and retreats. Their CLAW smashes into a building and the twins drop seeds for lettuce on the ground to soften their fall. Alpine turns the ground and yells, “Imagine finding them in your salad - YECH!”

Wild Bill catches up with Destro and again tries to shoot his FANG down with a Dragonfly. Wild Bill flies through celery stalks and follows Destro around the Extensive Enterprises building.
Destro: “Don’t you good guys ever give up?”
Wild Bill: “No! That’s why we’re the good guys!”

Airtight lands his Sky Hawk near the Bazooka, Dusty, Shipwreck, Polly and Barbecue and fires a tube of his weed killer at one of the vegetables, which shrinks down to its normal size. The Joes retreat and Airtight suggests that they crystallize the weed killer, seed the clouds and let the rain help stop the mutant veggies. As they spread the crystals in the air, Barbecue mentions that if their plan doesn’t work, he will definitely buy lots of stock in a salad forks.

Wild Bill watches as Destro’s FANG is caught in the roots of a potato, and as Destro retreats, Wild Bill announces while flying over a baseball field that another Cobra game has been rained out since the Joes’ plan worked.

Back at the county fair, Alpine, Airtight, Bazooka and Wild Bill listen to Harvey explain to the crowd that G.I.Joe came to him for help. “That Harvey do Paul Bunyan proud,” Wild Bill tells the other Joes. Airtight catches sight of a poster with a piece of corn and tells the Joes that he has an idea.

As the crowd asks if he was scared, Harvey replies that he doesn’t even know the meaning of the words. Then, he turns around, sees the large poster of the corn held by Airtight and he dives under a table, causing the Joes, the crowd and even Harvey to laugh.

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