Great shooting, General Hawk. That oughta win you a cupie doll.
  -- Sci Fi (after General Hawk destroys a giant snake)
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"Anything to get away from your lunatic ravings."
- Destro (after Cobra Commander orders him to retrieve an experimental rocket fuel)

Inside a jail cell, Tomax and Xamot visit the captured Crimson Guard and berate him for attacking two police officers and demand to know where he left the canister of rocket fuel. As he explains that he left it in a greenhouse, the Crimson Guard Commanders realize the difficulty of their task since there are over a thousand greenhouses in the area. However, they blanket the area with Crimson Guards posing as citizens pretending to be part of a census group or a sales team or simply dressed as a vagabond.

Cobra Commander tells Destro that the loss of the formula is his fault, and when Destro explains that he wasn’t even at the lab or the city, Cobra Commander tells him that Destro should have been there. Destro warns Cobra’s leader that he beginning to foam at the mouth while insulting him and leaves the room promising to find the canister for Cobra Commander before the sun sets on a another day. “Anything to get away from your lunatic ravings,” he adds as he walks out of the room.

Plants grow through the glass walls and ceilings of the greenhouse and Harvey is filled with glee since it appears that the super-grow plant food formula is working, however, at the county fair, the plants continue to grow and the grapes shoot off a vine and begin to strike the spectators around Harvey’s stand. Wild Bill, who is flying above the county fair in his Dragonfly with Barbecue, radios Alpine and Bazooka to break off their search for the Cobra agent since there is a huge commotion at the fair.

Kneeling in front of the sunflower plants, Harvey asks if his plants want more water or food from him. But Bazooka streaks past him on his motorcycle and picks Harvey up as Sunflowers seeds are shot at the fairgrounds. On Bazooka’s bike, Harvey turns around at his plants and asks, “Is that any way to talk to your father?”

Potatoes rapidly grow in front of Bazooka and Harvey and the roots ensnare the two. Alpine yells “YO JOE,” lets loose a couple of missiles from his motorcycle and kills the potato. Bazooka emerges from the remains and takes a taste sample. “Need sour cream,” he tells his friend.

Alpine turns to the sky and catches sight of Destro flying a Cobra FANG toward the Joes. His shots miss the Joes, but he lands and grabs the canister in one of Harvey’s pots. Flying in front of Destro in his Dragonfly, Wild Bill tells Destro to not move, however, he dives over a cob of corn avoiding all of Wild Bill’s shots. Alpine cuts Destro off as he runs away, but the corn begins to fly off the cob. Alpine dives into the cab on his motorcycle for cover while Destro runs to his FANG and flies away.

Barbecue fires a missile at the FANG and misses. Destro returns the favor and his own batch of missiles as well. Grumbling that Destro wants to play "hard ball," Barbecue fires a few laser blasts from the turret of the Dragonfly and nails the side of the FANG. Asking Wild Bill to fly along side Destro FANG, Barbecue fires a shot of foam at Destro’s controls causing them to short-circuit. Destro fires a wrist rocket that carries a cable tied to the end at the Dragonfly.

The rocket loops around the rails and Destro swings from his FANG to knock Barbecue out of the ‘copter and then turns to punch Wild Bill and toss him overboard. But Wild Bill grabs the canister and the two Joes fall to the ground.

More plants grow rapidly and the Joes grab vines to slow their fall. Destro avoids the overgrown plants, catches a pea shot at him and flies the Dragonfly back to the Cobra base. Alpine and Bazooka rush to the teammates’ aid and learn that even though Wild Bill lost his Dragonfly, it doesn’t bother him since he was able to save the world, and Wild Bill holds the canister like a trophy in front of Alpine.

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