Emmie, I told you never to make that surprise stew again!
  -- a farmer (to his wife while running away from a giant germ)
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"My knees ache. When will our loyalties be proven?"
- Cobra Commander (to the Baroness as they are kneeling before Sett)

As Alpine points out to Bazooka that he could always jump off the ankh toward Earth, Duke asks Dr. Marsh what will happen next. However, as Dr. Marsh explains that they appear to be part of a soul court, the Joes meet Maab, guardian of universal law, and Amen-Ra, eldest of the gods and her father. She explains that if the Joes survive their test, then the will be found worthy. Then, Set-met, the fiercest daughter of Amen-Ra, attacks the Joes.

The fire shot from her mouth causes Alpine to fall from the ankh and Bazooka jumps after his friend. Grabbing Lady Jaye, Set-met burns the advancing Duke and Dr. Marsh to ashes and then turns to fry Barbecue, but he fires a gun and destroys the fire ball. Lady Jaye hits the god’s nose and she is dropped from her grasp. Then, Maab declares the trial to be over. Sekhmet flies back into her father’s eye and the Maab restores Duke and Dr. Marsh, and as Alpine and Bazooka fly back on a golden mongoose, Amen-Ra explains that because everyone sacrificed themselves for the sake of another, they have been found worthy since each was willing to sacrifice their own life for another.

“My knees ache,” Cobra Commander tells the Baroness. “When will our loyalties be proven?” Sett transforms back to his half-human shape and declares the Cobra agents are loyal and ask if they have a plan. The Baroness steps forward and tells the god that if he will give them the riches of the tomb, Cobra will raises an army large enough to destroy all of his brother’s followers. Mounds of gems and gold appear and an elated Cobra Commander jumps into the piles and tells the others to radio the Rattlers since they will need help carrying out the treasure.

The ankh lands back in the court of Osiris and despite Duke’s request after being found as worthy souls, Osiris can not send them back to the land of mortals since they left that realm when they entered his court. A flight of stairs appears in the floor and Osiris tells the Joes that Anubus will ferry them into the land of the dead. “Maybe we can jump ship,” Duke whispers to the Joes. “Come on!”

Set leads Cobra Commander to a tunnel and tells him that he and his followers can travel back to the surface and he explains that he will await their return. Cobra Commander and the Baroness stop, turn around and Cobra Commander says a pathetic attempt to deceive the god of evil, “Oh, we’ll be back very soon.” But Sett mumbles to himself, “Sooner than you imagine, you poor doomed fool.”

As Cobra Commander and the other Cobra agents reach the surface, a thunderstorm and devastating winds erupt. The Crimson Guards are knocked back down into the tomb, however, Cobra Commander and the Baroness are able to fly away with the treasure.

As Anubus steers the ferry from the staircase with the Joes inside, he explains to the Joes that if one gem is removed from the tomb of Osiris, then the world will no longer be under his protection and the gods and the world will be destroyed. Lady Jaye realizes that only Cobra Commander would be so stupid to unknowingly cause the end of the world, so she offers to help if Anubus can take them to the surface.

Despite the protests by the Baroness, Cobra Commander flies with the cursed gems, avoids Sett as he appears in the sky and is shot down by the Joes, who are flying in the air on Anubus’ ferry. The Cobra agents eject from the burning plane and the bag of gems is caught by Anubus. “Nice catch, dog face,” Duke tells the ferryman. “Army talk,” Duke adds. “Term of endearment.”

However, when Anubus is over a river, the boat flips over and the Joes fall into the water. Climbing onto shore, Alpine tells the Joes and Dr. Marsh that Anubus dumped them on purpose. Lady Jaye adds with a half-laughing voice that the ferryman probably took offense to Duke’s remark of ‘dog face.’ “Yeah, well, bow wow,“ Duke replies.

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