I don’t know, but I ain’t eating it until I find out.
  -- Low-Light (to Sci Fi while looking at an unidentifiable part of their meal)
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"Uh, mine's about six pounds? Can I leave now?"
- Alpine (to Buteo, an Egyptian god who explains that the hearts of the Joes must be weighed)

The Joes don the uniforms of the Crimson Guards and walk back to the surface and try to convince Cobra Commander that they were attacked by the Joes but that they captured the Joes’ weapons. Gently rapping her whip in her hand, the Baroness reminds the Crimson Guard that the penalty for withholding information is quite severe, and Duke quickly tells Cobra Commander that they found the treasure.

As the Joes blindly lead Cobra Commander around the tomb and Cobra’s leader asks how much farther, Lady Jaye subtly hints to Dr. Marsh that since the hieroglyphics depict the tale of Osiris, they must be near the treasure. The Joes walk into a corridor and Dr. Marsh purposely activates a trap that causes the Joes to be separated from Cobra.

But Cobra is at the other end of the hallway and Cobra Commander demands to know the location of the treasure. Alpine points to a room nearby and tells a curious Lady Jaye that the treasure has to be somewhere. Cobra Commander walks into a small chamber and finds the crown of Osiris, lifts it into the air and shouts gleefully, “It’s mine!” But gas fills the chamber and everyone falls to the ground choking. The Joes toss their helmets to the ground and ask Dr. Marsh to lead them to the surface above. As Lady Jaye pulls her helmet off, she wonders how the Cobra agents breath while wearing the headgear.

But trapdoors drop from both ends of the room and the floor descends to a room surrounded by panels of stars and shooting stars above them. “What the blue blazes -??” asks Duke. A tall golden figure appears behind the Joes and asks who has entered to court of Osiris and seeks entry into the Land of the Dead.

As more Egyptian gods appear, they decide that the Joes’ hearts must be weighed to determine whether or not they are worthy of passing into the Land of the Dead. After picked up by a flying snake and dropped to the ground, Duke asks Dr. Marsh if the whole scene is real. As the Joes and Dr. Marsh fly into space on a golden ankh, the doctor can only believe that they are really being judged.

Meanwhile, Cobra Commander awakens Set, Egyptian god of evil, and he asks Cobra Commander who has disturbed him. Set picks up Cobra Commander, sees the Cobra emblem on the uniform of Cobra Commander and asks the Cobra agents if he worships the serpent. Cobra Commander screams several times that he does and as soon as Set places Cobra Commander on the ground, the Baroness tells Sett that they will crush the followers of his brother’s army, a thought that pleases Sett.

However, he demands proof of their loyalty, so he turn into a giant Cobra and tells Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Scarp Iron and the other Crimson Guards to kneel before him.

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