Did all of your cash just do the big flash?
  -- Roadblock (after witnessing the disintegration of the money at a poker game)
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"Doctor, if I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you!"
- Serpentor (after Dr. Mindbender explains Roadblock could die under the strain of emotional changes)

While Lifeline asks for his sister’s help to mend the injured Joes, Zartan and the other Cobra agents laugh over the battle and Serpentor asks Cobra Commander if he agrees that he know owns the ultimate weapon. “Oh, I agree with everything you say, mighty Serpentor,” replies Cobra Commander. “See that you do,” Serpentor threatens.

Serpentor then decides to experiment on Roadblock. The Joe shouts that there isn’t a tune in the organ to defeat him, and as Serpentor plays, Roadblock struggles to stand and not give any satisfaction to Serpentor by screaming.

Dr. Mindbender rushes forward and urges Serpentor to stop playing since Roadblock is resisting and could die. “Doctor, if I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you!” yells Serpentor before knocking Dr. Mindbender across the room.

At Stephanie’s house, Scarlett thanks Lifeline’s kid sister for her help while Lifeline’s father pops Lift-Ticket’s dislocated shoulder back into place. Lift-Ticket compliments the reverend for his gentle touch and adds that he now knows where Lifeline inherited his gentle touch. But Lifeline’s father is not amused and states that his son inherited nothing from him.

Iceberg, who is being patched up by Lifeline, tells the Joes’ medic that he can feel the chill from Lifeline’s father across the room. After suggesting that he and his father could make amends, Iceberg is told by Lifeline that he can wait for his father to make the first move.

Wrapped in bandages, General Hawk and the other Joes realize that they were all influenced by their emotions and conclude that Cobra must be behind their uncontrollable reactions. Shipwreck suggests that they call in reinforcements, but General Hawk does not want to infect the other Joes and decides that they must beat Cobra on their own.

Lifeline enters his father’s study and tells him that they need to talk. Although his father replies that they have nothing to talk about, Lifeline tells his father that he loves him and he knows his father loves him. The Joe adds that they are different people and they should accept one another instead of wasting the years fighting. Lifeline’s father then compliments his son by telling him that he would have made a fine preacher and would have made Lifeline’s mother proud of him. As the two hug one another, Stephanie stands by the door to her father’s study and silently watches them embrace.

“Green is for envy, red is for pain / yellow is fear, purple is vain / orange is anger, blue is despair / your mood will keep changing / more than you can bear,” sings Serpentor while playing the organ and torturing Roadblock.

But the song is interrupted as an alarm is activated. As the Joes approach Cobra’s base, Serpentor orders the Night Ravens to attack, and Scarlett and Lift-Ticket struggle to ignore the music while fighting Cobra's planes.

They successfully defeat their opponents and then return to the Cobra base to provide air cover for General Hawk and their teammates.

Sci Fi begins to freeze in battle, but with General Hawk’s encouragement, the two Joes destroy the approaching BATs. Iceberg skis down a slope, jumps off and crushes the last BAT, however, he is soon under fire from Buzzer and Torch.

Shipwreck, who is paddling toward the base on a rubber raft, repeats to himself, “I will not drown,” then fires a shot at the Dreadnoks, who are buried under ice, and yells, “Yo Joe! I didn’t drown.”

Realizing the Joes are able to fight back, Zartan, Ripper and Zarana leave the battle along with Buzzer and Ripper. Serpentor watches the scene on his monitor and is so enraged that he smashes his fist into the organ’s keyboard. The signals transmitted by the weapon’s destruction overload the tiny circular bugs on the Joes’ necks and cause them to short circuit, shocking the Joes in the process.

After Roadblock breaks out of the jail, Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender and Serpentor escape via Cobra Flight Pods and Iceberg asks if they should pursue them. General Hawk replies that they will catch them another day and adds that they have something more important - attending a wedding.

Lifeline’s father finishes the wedding ceremony and tells the groom that he may now kiss the bride. “Now that’s what I call a force ten kiss,” remarks Shipwreck. General Hawk then adds that Cobra may have did the Joes a favor with their latest weapon. Lift-Ticket is confused and the Joes’ leader explains that Cobra forced the Joes to face their weaknesses, which is not an easy task.

“Yeah, I guess,” replies Shipwreck. “But let’s not forget - we got our strong emotions, too. You know what I mean?” asks Shipwreck. And while they are watching Stephanie kiss her new husband, Lifeline’s father places a hand on son’s shoulder.

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