He lost it!
  -- two Strato-Vipers (to Cobra Commander while pointing fingers at one another)
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"This is going to be fun."
- Zartan (while watching a trolley race towards three Joes frozen on the tracks)

While riding in the back of a military truck, Shipwreck tells his teammates, “There ain’t nothing I like less than attending a wedding.” Lifeline agrees with Shipwreck and adds that he is only attending the wedding to walk with his sister down the aisle since his father is performing the ceremony. After explaining that he believes his sister is too young to get married, Shipwreck advises Lifeline to keep that opinion to himself.

Scarlett, who is driving the truck, stops outside a church and tells the Joes to “fall out” unless they would like to spend the next eight hours testing armor at a base. “Don’t tempt them, Scarlett,” Lifeline tells her while jumping out. After Scarlett tells Lifeline to give his sister a kiss for her, the Joes' medic explains to his teammates that his father has worked at the church since they moved from Seattle.

Three women at the top of the church’s steps give the “evil eye” to the Joes and Roadblock asks Lifeline about their reaction. Even though he considers himself a pacifist like the women, Lifeline explains that he is treated as the black sheep of the family for joining the G.I.Joe team.

Wishing to avoid the feelings surrounding family squabbles, Roadblock elects to check out the catering van. But while examining the hors d'oeuvre, the waiter knocks the Joe out with a chop to the neck. The waiter removes his mask to reveal himself as Zartan, who explains to his sister, Zarana, that one of the Joes was too curious.

On the steps of the church, Lifeline explains that his father never forgave him for joining the G.I.Joe team and Lift-Ticket and Iceberg try to sympathize with him. Suddenly, Stephanie, Lifeline’s sister, calls out to him as “Edwin” and the two embrace. Lifeline introduces the Joes to Stephanie and while the Iceberg, Shipwreck and Lift-Ticket enter the church, Lifeline and his sister stay outside for a short chat.

After the Joes walk inside, Zartan shoots a small circular device into the back of their necks with a gun and radios Zarana, who shoots the same electronic device into the back of the Lifeline’s neck after his sister convinces him to call a truce with his father.

Lifeline enters the church and tells his father, “Gosh, don’t I even rate a smile or a at least handshake?”
“My son does, but his soldier's uniform does not,” Lifeline’s father replies in a grim voice. Stephanie turns to Lifeline and reminds him about his promise to establish a truce.

At the Joe’s armory, General Hawk, Sci Fi and Scarlett test their new armor with their own weapons, however, the Ripper, Buzzer and Torch fire the same small metallic device into the back of the Joes' necks.

General Hawk and the Joes attack the Dreadnoks, however, they duck behind a wall and race away on their motorcycles. And the Joes pursue them down the icy roads on their Recon Sleds.

After Ripper radios Zartan that their targets have been tagged, Zarana contacts Dr. Mindbender to let him know that his subjects are ready. Suddenly, the unconscious Roadblock climbs up from the back of the van and places a choking hold on both Zarana and Zartan. However, Zarana reaches into her coat pocket, sprays a gas into Roadblock’s face and tags the Joe after he collapses to the van’s floor.

“As I said, Dr. Mindbender,” Zarana continues, “you can begin.” Cobra’s mad scientist lets out a short chuckle and replies, “We already have, my dear.”

Inside an abandoned factory, Dr. Mindbender explains to Serpentor that the organ he is playing will send out an electronic signal and cause the Joes in Pittsburgh to feel uncontrollable mood swings. Cobra Commander then adds that the Joes will be so overwhelmed by their emotions that they will not be able to fight.

Serpentor dismisses Cobra Commander from the project and tells him to check on sanitation. Cobra Commander is flabbergasted and explains that he created the plan, but Serpentor replies that he is the emperor of Cobra. “Or have you forgotten who leads Cobra now?” Serpentor asks. “I can never forget that, Serpentor,” Cobra Commander replies quietly, who then angrily walks away.

Inside the church, Lifeline’s father begins the marriage ceremony and Lift-Ticket, Shipwreck, Iceberg and Lifeline start to feel the effects of Cobra’s device. After Lift-Ticket complains about the lack of space, Lifeline stands up and declares that his sister is too young to get married and too good for the wimpy groom.

Stephanie is shocked by his statements and, at first, Lifeline is filled with shame, but he then cackles like a maniac and runs out of the church while Shipwreck tackles Iceberg and Lift-Ticket.

Iceberg and the other Joes then chase after Lifeline, who throws a conductor out of a trolley and races down the tracks at full speed.

Inside the van, Zarana watches the trolley race by and Zartan radios Ripper to lead Scarlett, General Hawk and Sci Fi to the trolley's tracks. “This is going to be fun,” Zartan tells his sister.

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