What are you clowns doing up there?!
  -- Wet-Suit (after a rocket explodes near him)
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"That doesn’t exactly make me unhappy, you know?"
- Lady Jaye (to Flint after he confesses that he was worried about her)

Storm Shadow grabs one of the kids off his back - and against Lady Jaye’s wishes - tosses one of the kids against a stone wall. She rushes to the kid while Storm Shadow tosses a grenade, which is handed to him by a Crimson Guard, declares the Joes’ compassion for weaker beings as their Achilles’ heal, and causes a rock slide composed of enormous boulders to tumble toward the Joes and the kids.

But Flint and the other Joes arrive and direct their collective firepower at the boulders and pound the rocks into dust. In the aftermath, Flint rushes toward Lady Jaye and confesses, “I - I was worried.” Leaning close to him, she replies, “That doesn’t exactly make me unhappy, you know.” And the two slip into one another's arms.

Suddenly, Primorts climb down the mountainside and Flint orders the Joes to be prepared for anything, however, the child nearest to Lady Jaye walks to the oldest Primort, who is concluded to be the chief. Believing the son to be the chief’s son, the silver-haired Primort walks toward Lady Jaye, places his hand on her shoulder and exclaims, “Or-tho!” The two laugh and the chief then turns to Spirit and touches his shoulder as well. Flint asks what “Or-tho” means and Lady Jaye’s best guess is that it means “thank you” since she helped the chief’s son, so that makes them friends. Flint replies that it is good that they have made some friends since Cobra will probably return for the satellite.

Storm Shadow returns with several CLAWs and FANGs at night and attempts to steal the satellite, however, Flint leads the Joes and the Primorts against Cobra. Dusty pulls the chief of the tribe out of the line of fire and the chief happily shout the Joes' battlecry. Dusty laughs and tells the chief that he is getting the right idea.

Spirit bats away a throwing star tossed by Storm Shadow and then breaks his centuries old sword with a club created by the Primorts.

The Joes and the Primorts successfully defeat Cobra and Flint recovers the satellite by leaping onto the FANG helicopter flying the satellite away, climbing up a rope and taking over the controls by punching the Crimson Guard unconscious, who slices the rope carrying the satellite, which crashes and shatters upon impact with the ground.

Unfortunately, after Spirit and Storm Shadow's struggle ends, Cobra's ninja escapes while hanging on the rails of a FANG helicopter.

As the Joes leave, Lady Jaye tells Flint that Headquarters will probably not be happy with him since the satellite was destroyed. Dusty then chimes in that all the data is inside the computer chips, so nothing was lost. Spirit tells his teammates that the Primorts should be upset since the Joes destroyed their god. “I just hope they like the replacement we gave them,” Lady Jaye replies. Disbelieving that the Primorts will worship a television, Spirit comments that the Primorts are creatures of nature and will know what to do with their new god.

Turning on the television, the chief and the other Primorts watch a commercial with three singing toothbrushes advertise Happy Fresh Toothpaste. Disgusted and annoyed (and perhaps scared!), the chief smashes the television set with a large animal bone and exclaims, “Yo Joe!” Suddenly, the entire tribe leaps onto their feet and dances around the smoldering remains of the TV happily chanting the Joes’ battlecry.

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