Come on! Move your feet - not your mouth!
  -- Beach Head (to the other Joes while invading a fort)
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"Okay! I admit it! I use a hair rinse. Can I go now?"
- Lady Jaye (as the leader of the Primorts runs a hand through her hair)

Spirit stops and picks up a arrowhead and notes that his ancient ancestors created a similar tool. As Lady Jaye tells Spirit that they are looking for a satellite and not artifacts, Storm Shadow and several Crimson Guardsmen leap from the bushes and attack the Joes. Storm Shadow attacks Spirit while Lady Jaye, MacIntosh and Freedom bat around the remaining Cobra agents. However, just as the fight begins, a tribe of Primorts emerges from the jungle and surround the humans, who have formed a defensive circle.

Spirit asks Freedom to seek those who can help them, however, while Freedom streaks away, a Primort uses a bola to strike Freedom, who falls to the ground with a pitiful squawk. Spirit tries to run to his friend but three Primorts tackle him to the ground. Storm Shadow, realizing that he is out-numbered, leaps onto a branch and attempts to flee, however, he is knocked to the ground by a Primort as well. And the Joes and the Cobras are led to the Primorts’ camp.

Back at the canyon, Dusty listens to Flint mutter about the amount of time being wasted. “Relax, Flint,” Dusty tells his friend. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Flint replies rather heatedly, “Who needs Rome? All I want is a bridge.” Realizing he was rather terse, Flint quickly apologizes to Dusty, who understands his friend’s impatience since they are all worried about their teammates.

At the Primorts’ camp, all of the Joes and the Cobras are tied to posts with, what Lady Jaye considers, a good grade of rope that is too good for a band of primitives. After Spirit notices that the area is a place of worship, MacIntosh concludes that they are about to be sacrificed. Storm Shadow states that death by the hands of primitives is not an honorable end for him. “Then, it should suit you fine,“ Lady Jaye replies. Seething with hatred, the ninja promises pain for the insult.

The Primorts carry the spy satellite, which is painted with a humanistic face, to a boulder and MacIntosh explains that the Primorts think the flashing red lights are a god’s angry eyes. The oldest Primort points to Lady Jaye and as the other Primorts carry her away, she yells that it doesn’t always have to be ladies first.

Flint leads several G.I.Joe Armadillos, Maulers and VAMP Mark IIs across the bridge created by the Bridgelayer until they run across a clearing with laser blasts on the trees. “Maybe Lady Jaye did survive,” whispers Flint. Dusty calls Flint over since he has found Freedom on the ground.

Dusty urgently asks Freedom about Spirit, but Flint tells Dusty to calm down. After all, Freedom is just an injured bird. But like a Phoenix, Freedom rises from the ground and begins to fly in circles in the air. Dusty immediately believes that Freedom wants the Joes to follow him and Flint is just suspicious and hopeful enough that he soon shares Dusty’s faith. Leaping back onto his Silver Mirage Motorcycle, Flint points to Freedom while looking at the Joes behind him and directs them to follow Freedom before her races forward.

The oldest Primort runs his hand through Lady Jaye’s hair and she admits that she uses a hair rinse and asks, “Can I go now?” Unfortunately, she remains held down by four other Primorts to a stone with a large stone dangling above her. Spirit convinces Storm Shadow to work with the Joes and Freedom arrives in time to scare away the Primorts holding Lady Jaye so that she can escape.

Fighting her way through a few Primorts, Lady Jaye rescues her friends, and Spirit cuts Storm Shadow’s bindings, much to the dismay of Lady Jaye. Spirit simply explains: “A debt of honor.” And, besides, they will need all the help they can get when they try to escape.

“As my tribal shaman would say, ‘Let us depart this condition of being,” Spirit says, seeing the oncoming gangs of Primorts. All of the Joes and Cobras flee. Spirit tosses MacIntosh over his shoulder and jumps down from the ledge by bending a ladder like a catapult and using it to land on the ground far from the Primorts. As they reach another ledge, kids of the Primorts begin to pour out of a cave.

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