Your idea of gourmet food is C-Rations sautéd with dog food.
  -- Wet-Suit (complaining about Leatherneck's idea of a meal)
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"Aye, I’m MacIntosh, but I’m no hermit. I just live in an out of the way neighborhood."
- MacIntosh (scoffing the "hermit" part of his name given to him by Dusty)

Inside the communications room at Joe Headquarters, Breaker informs Flint that the Joes’ new spy satellite is now in orbit, however, as soon as orbit is achieved, the satellite begins to travel on an erratic path. As Cobra Commander gloats about who has the superior technology while in the presence of Destro, who tries to bring the satellite to Earth with a tractor beam, Flint orders Breaker to fly the satellite back down to the ground, and the Joes’ latest defensive measure crashes on the African continent. Flint then orders a code red to be broadcasted to any member of Joe team in the area.

Dusty and Spirit receive the transmission from headquarters while flying above a mountainous region in their Skystrikers. After Dusty relays a tale of a doomed expedition led by a fellow named MacIntosh, who returned to live like a hermit in the region, Spirit reports that he has found something on his infra-red sensors. Circling above a hut on fire, the Joes catch sight of Storm Shadow and quickly land in order to confront Cobra’s ninja, who stuffs a roll of parchment into his shirt.

Spirit renews his ongoing fight with Storm Shadow and the two adversariescircle one another. However, as Dusty announces that he has the Cobra agent covered with a laser rifle, a voice from the burning hut cries out for help. Dusty urges Spirit to make the rescue and he dashes away. As soon as Spirit leaves, Storm Shadow tosses a throwing star at Dusty rifle and hits the center of barrel, causing it to split. Dusty leaps off the wing of his Skystriker and attempts to subdue Storm Shadow via hand to hand combat, however, the ninja beats Dusty and leaves him alive so that he can humiliate him another time.

Spirit runs out of the hut moments before the building collapses to the ground and tells Dusty that it does not matter if Storm Shadow escaped because he has a feeling that they will meet again. Aboard Lady Jaye’s AWE Striker, Lady Jaye tells the Joes and the rescued hermit that Cobra has a fairly large lead, but according to the hermit, Cobra will not get past the Primorts, proto-human beings who are more ape than man and are considered mythical. The hermit scoffs the notion that the Primorts are mythical since they mystically wiped out his whole expedition. As soon as Dusty hears MacIntosh’s response, he immediately realizes that the hermit is MacIntosh. “Aye, I’m MacIntosh, but I’m no hermit. I just live in an out of the way neighborhood,” he replies.

The Joes arrive at a canyon with a wooden bridge and Lady Jaye drives with Spirit and MacIntosh across the bridge in order to test the bridge structural integrity. Noticing that Lady Jaye has guts, Dusty asks if he likes this trait in women. “Professionally, yes,” Flint replies. “Personally, I’d like to see her stick around a little longer.”

Unfortunately, Cobra Trubble Bubbles and CLAWs appear in the sky and attack the Joes. The bridge is destroyed and the Joes grab onto the one half of the split bridge and crash against the canyon wall. Lady Jaye once again exclaims her displeasure of high places, and Cobra begins to fire at the Joes hanging in the canyon. The plank supporting the Joes splinters and they fall into the river below. Cobra retreats and Dusty tries to comfort Flint by telling him that Lady Jaye is a survivor. Flint orders the Bridgelayer to be brought forward.

Freedom, Spirit’s pet eagle, lands on Spirit’s arm and Lady Jaye asks MacIntosh if he has any idea as to their location. As all three rest on the shore, MacIntosh confesses that he does not know, however, he believes that he will figure it out sooner or later. Spirit tells the others that the satellite is west of their position and explains that if they find the satellite, then they will find Flint and the other Joes since they are also looking for the satellite. As the Joes march through the jungle, they are observed by one of the jungle’s inhabitants.

Storm Shadow reports back to Cobra Commander that the satellite has not yet been captured and he feels a disturbing presence in the jungle. Destro silently watches Cobra Commander fly into a rage about his apathy regarding anything in the jungle but Joes’ spy satellite.

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