Pacifists in G.I.Joe! What is happening to this outfit?
  -- Beach Head (after overhearing Lifeline refusing to help repair a helicopter)
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"I can see that smiling face from here."
- Flint (watching Roadblock fall into a river and swim to the surface)

Lady Jaye punches Tomax and both twins fall to the floor. Leaping out of the hole in the office window she burned with her laser earlier, she grabs the railing of the Dragonfly, however, the twins leap after her and grab her legs, causing her to fall and scream in a horrific manner. Flint pilots the Dragonfly downward and Lady Jaye tosses a spear attached to a rope at the helicopter.

She strikes the bottom of the chopper and climbs up the rope and into the gunner’s seat while Tomax and Xamot swing to the ground with the help of pole that extend from the building, which are activated by wristbands worn by the twins. Flint asks Lady Jaye if she learned anything and she replies that a thousand foot drop does nothing to help the digestive system with Peking Duck.

While flying through a city, Flint catches sight of a TV with Cobra Commander on the screen and asks Breaker to patch VHF channel 10 and the world listens to the latest threat from Cobra. Standing in front of a map, Cobra Commander explains that the 115 missiles can disintegrate the major capitols of the world as seen when a mock town in the jungle is destroyed.

Roadblock radios Flint and tells him that he found something quite strange. The map in the background of Cobra Commander’s ultimatum speech matches the map of the Red Rocket diners exactly. And Roadblock concludes that the rockets are real. Flint orders everything and everybody mobilized at once, and Skystrikers, Sky Hawks, APCs and Maulers pour out of the base in order to dismantle Cobra's weapons. Cutter destroys a diner near a wharf with a WHALE while Gung Ho drives a Silver Mirage alongside of AWE Strikers to capture a diner in a desert.

Lady Jaye detaches the nose cone to another rocket and is threaten by Cobra agents to not move. She laughs and tells them that they can go ahead and shoot since it is possible they might not hit the photon disintegrator. As she pulled away by a Dragonfly, she waves and continues to laugh. Breaker continues to watch and track the progress of the Joes on the screen at headquarters, while Roadblock leaps off a RAM to attempt to remove the nose cone from rocket 104. However, the twins climb on the rocket just as it launches and flies toward Washington D.C.

Breaker radios Flint and Lady Jaye, who are in a Skystriker, about the rocket and Flint flies toward the missile. Lady Jaye asks what he plans to do after she catches sight of Roadblock on the rocket. Aiming one of the Skystriker’s missiles at the rocket, Flint says there may be a chance. His rocket strikes the nose cone and the rocket carrying the twins and Roadblock tumbles into a river.

The twins swim to surface and laugh ghoulishly as they tell one another that the trip was worth the risk. Meanwhile, Roadblock resurfaces and Flint and Lady Jaye cheer. “I can see that smiling face from here,” Flint shouts happily.

As several Joes park and mill around Uncle Caleb’s and Aunt Sarah’s diner, Flint states there’s no need to go to all the trouble to thank them, however, Recondo adds that if they feel that they must express their gratitude, then feeding them some great food is a fantastic idea. Hugging his aunt and uncle, Roadblock explains:
“My ribs are the greatest and that’s a fact
Joe beat Cobra and that’s where it’s at
so when want to relief from your worries and your woes
you come on down and eat at Joes.”
And the Joes respond by shouting simultaneously and proudly - “YO JOE!”

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