What’s the matter? Surprised I went to college?
  -- Sgt. Slaughter (to Lifeline, who did not know Sgt. Slaughter is fluent ancient Greek)
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"Adios, sucker."
- Lady Jaye (before kicking a Cobra agent in the face)

One of the paintings on the wall rotates and a biker communicates via the Tele-Viper’s communication network that RR-104 was met with resistance from two individuals who counter-attacked and shouted the G.I.Joe battlecry. Tomax and Xamot thump their desks simultaneously and tell the biker that they will handle it. In another Red Rocket dinner, Mr. Quigg watches a couple sign the papers to sell back the diner to Extensive Enterprises for an amount less than the original purchase price and receives a signal on his beeper. After calling Tomax and Xamot, he is ordered to terminate negotiations and reacquire RR-104 property and is authorized to use extreme measures.

Cobra ASPs and Stingers are placed on a ledge above the diner while a G.I.Joe WHALE carries Cutter, Flint and Lady Jaye across the water and onto the restaurant’s parking lot. As Mr. Quigg enters the diner, Aunt Sarah cowers behind Roadblock as she explains to her nephew that Mr. Quigg said that they must sell the Red Rocket Diner back to him. Roadblock growls and after he tells his aunt that he will take care of the stiff while she tends to the customers, Roadblock tosses the Cobra agent out the door. Getting up from the ground, Mr. Quigg  turns his thumb toward the ground, signaling the destruction of the diner.

The ASPs open fire and destroy several cars. Cutter and the other Joes run outside, catch sight of the Cobras and counter-attack with the WHALE.

With a swift kick to a Cobra agent’s face, Lady Jaye says, “Adios, sucker,” and while the other Joes force the rest of Cobra agents to retreat with the help of Ferrets and Stingers. Perplexed as to why Cobra would want to muscle his aunt and uncle out of their hamburger stand, Roadblock and the other Joes return to headquarters.

After researching the history of the Red Rocket Diner franchise, Breaker explains that Extensive Enterprises originally sold the hamburger joints to mostly retired couples and is now buying them back. Roadblock suggests they pay a visit to the company, who have had dealings with Cobra in the past. Flint agrees and accepts Snake Eyes’ offer to guard the last diner which has not sold back to Extensive Enterprises, the diner owned by Roadblock uncle and aunt.

Tomax and Xamot learn from Cobra Commander that the ultimatum will be delivered at midnight and he ends the communication moments before the Joes enter the room, led by a furious Roadblock who demands to know why they enlisted Cobra to hassle his aunt and uncle. Tomax simply replies with a “Tsk, tsk” and replies that they cannot be held accountable for their client’s sometimes heavy-handed tactics and Xamot suggests that they take the complaint to Cobra.

Flint suggests that they leave, and as Roadblock turns, he stops, growls and stares at a squirming and sweating Mr. Quigg. As the Joes walk out of the building, Flint tells Lady Jaye and Roadblock that they will return after-hours. Piloting a Dragonfly to hover near the Extensive Enterprises building, Lady Jaye shouts at Flint because she is not sure how he convinced her to come along since she is afraid of heights. However, as she examines the office and notices that there are no filing cabinets or desk drawers, Tomax and Xamot enter the room and attack her.

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