Terrific! Pass this along!
  -- Alpine (before punching Xamot, who explains that he feels everything that his brother experiences)
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"Bugs and snakes and jungle - this job ain't fun any more."
- Roadblock (marching through a jungle with Recondo and Blowtorch)

Scurrying through the jungle, a tribesman drops a component with a Cobra emblem and continues to run from Roadblock, Recondo and Blowtorch. The Joes rest for a moment as the Bridgelayers roll forward. The tribesman crosses a gulch with the aid of an extending bridge, dashes inside and falls to the ground exhausted and Destro berates him for arriving late again. However, Destro considers himself in a generous mood and offers to keep the gold but spare the tribesman’s life, and the bone-weary runner is dragged away.

Recondo stamps the ground near the ravine and orders Tollbooth to extend the Bridgelayer’s portable bridge so that the Joes can attack. Explosions rip apart the walls of Destro’s base and the Joes launch their assault. Roadblock and Recondo provide cover fire for Blowtorch as he sets boxes on fire, which nearly collapse on top of several Cobra agents.

Blowtorch hops over the boxes and runs into the temple, where Destro places the final component, which was brought by the Tribesman earlier, into a warhead. Bursting into the lab, Blowtorch incinerates the shelves, forcing the Cobra agents to flee, however, Blowtorch fails to capture Destro, who escapes via a swiveling panel in the wall.

Crestfallen, Blowtorch shuffles out and down the steps of the temple and is greeted by Recondo and Roadblock. After recounting his failure, Roadblock cheers him up and helps him out of his gear. Patting him on his back, Roadblock walks with Blowtorch out of the base as Recondo adds that at least Cobra can no longer use the base.

Destro guides a Cobra Flight Pod above a construction site, where Cobra agents are building a town in the middle of a jungle. Walking into a room filled with light, Destro explains to Cobra Commander, Tomax and Xamot, that the Photon Disintegrator, which took two years to build, is safe and ready to be used by Cobra.

Meanwhile, Recondo and Roadblock speed along a highway in a military jeep and relish in their good fortune - two weeks off for a job well done in the jungle. Recondo suggests that they stop at a Red Rocket dinner, but Roadblock refuses and tells his friend that in one hour they will arrive at his Uncle Caleb’s restaurant. When the Joes find Uncle Caleb’s diner, they discover that he has purchased a piece of the Red Rocket chain. Shocked, by the sight of the restaurant, Roadblock steps inside and mimics the waving cardboard man as he greets his Aunt Sarah and Uncle Caleb, who are lamenting that all they have left are bills. After Roadblock insists that they call him by his code-name and not as Marvin, he introduces his “snickering ape” of a friend, Recondo, and hears about their woes with the bikers carrying ray guns.

Suddenly, the biker gang appears and begins to circle and shoot the kids hanging around outside. The Joes run outside and attack the bikers. Since the bikers did not expect to encounter any Joes, they retreat, and Roadblock threatens to slap the gang on a hamburger bun and server them for lunch if they come back. Inside the restaurant, Recondo and Roadblock wonder why the gang would attack the restaurant and are also curious where the bikers got their guns.

As a plane flies above Extensive Enterprises, the Crimson Guard piloting the plane informs Tomax and Xamot that he is above their office and is ordered not to land since the twins will simply step out. The rear exit door flies off the plane and the Crimson Guard Commanders jump out and land on the rooftop. They enter the elevator and as they travel from the 29th floor to the 22nd, they change out of their Cobra costumes and into their suits.

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