Oh, terrific. Now we get to play hide-and-seek.
  -- Scarlett (while chasing some young thugs into an alley)
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"The savagery of the jungle mixed with the excitement of the city - where else but India?"
- Recondo (while walking through a market)

"The savagery of the jungle mixed with the excitement of the city - where else but India?" asks Recondo, turning from a growling tiger. Scarlett tells the Joes that she is disappointed that they don't have time to see some of the sights in the city and tells the others, Rock 'n' Roll, Recondo and Duke, that they need to make contact with Dr. Shakoor, who has invented the Vulcan Machine. Recondo expresses his admiration for Dr. Shakoor, who had the courage to turn down Cobra's millions for his invention.

After Rock 'n Roll spots the doctor, who is clutching a briefcase to his chest and is sitting under a red umbrella, Duke exchanges a series of password greetings with the doctor and introduces himself as First Sergeant Hauser before the other Joes greet the doctor using their codenames. Scarlett tells Dr. Shakoor that she is impressed with the Vulcan Machine's ability to harness energy from molten lava, and the doctor accepts the comment graciously before he travels with the Joes to sanctuary.

Nearby, Zartan, who is disguised as a musician, mesmerizes a cobra by playing a horn, but the snake stops and a miniature television screen with Cobra Commander appears. Zartan reports that the Joes are about to encounter a special trap and Cobra Commander orders Zartan to proceed. As the Joes cross an empty area of the market, they are attacked from all sides by Cobra agents.

Duke orders Scarlett to take the doctor to safety while he and the other Joes attack the Cobras. Scarlett punches and kicks her way past six Cobra agents, however, she is knocked out by an agent who strikes her from behind. As Cobra grabs the briefcase and retreats, Duke rushes to Scarlett's side as Recondo reports that Cobra is ferrying Shakoor to the waterfront.

The Joes dash through the market and are told by a musician sitting on the ground that they can take a shortcut to the waterfront by using the alley next to him. Cobra HISS tanks appear at the other end and as the Joes turn around to retreat, they find out that the musician was Zartan, who is flanked by Ripper, Torch and Buzzer, a group collectively known as the Dreadnoks. Buzzer attempts to attack the Joes, but Snake Eyes jumps down from a rooftop and lands on Buzzer. The Joes cheer on their friend as he punches Ripper and Scarlett joins Snake Eyes in the fray by flipping and kicking Torch.

Enraged by the performance of the Dreadnoks, Zartan orders the HISS tanks to fire at the Joes, but the Joes duck and the laser fire strikes a wall in the alley. As their laser bolts streak toward the Dreadnoks, they shout in unison, "Oh, no!" As part of the wall crumbles and falls on the Dreadnoks, Scarlett shoots two thermal arrows that explode into a wall of flame in front of the HISS tanks. Just before Rock 'n' Roll rushes forward to finish off the tanks, Duke orders the Joes to continue the search for Shakoor.

As the Joes arrive at the waterfront, a Cobra agent fires at the Joes and gives the Cobra the extra time they need to place Shakoor on the Water Moccasin so they can leave. Cobra escapes, however Recondo explains he may know where Cobra is taking Dr. Shakoor. Inside the G.I.Joe APC, Recondo tells the Joes that he has heard a few stories from the natives about a snake cult that has taken over an ancient temple found so deep in the forest that a march would take three days and would be hot, snake-infested and wild. Therefore, Recondo suggests that they fly to the temple.

As the Joes from the market fly to the temple with Rip Cord and Wild Bill in Dragonflies, Scarlett tells Duke that she has intercepted a coded signal and Duke decides that the signal will lead them straight to Cobra.

Inside the temple, Cobra Commander spins around on his Cobra-shaped throne to greet Doctor Shakoor, however, Shakoor hasn't a clue who the man is. Therefore, Cobra Commander announces that he is the supreme leader of Cobra and adds that Shakoor is free to bow if he wishes. Shakoor is then shoved to the ground by Zartan, who feels the doctor needs a lesson in manners. However, Zartan is ordered by Cobra Commander to release the doctor. Shakoor stands up and yells that he will never cooperate, but Zartan places a mind control headband on Shakoor, who then states in a mindless voice, "Hail Cobra Commander." Cobra Commander mockingly replies, "You're a fast learner, Dr. Shakoor." A viewscreen on Cobra Commander's throne beeps and a Crimson Guard informs him that three G.I.Joe helicopters are approaching. Cobra's leader orders the agent to greet their guests "warmly."

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