This guy must’ve studied political science at UCLA.
  -- Gung Ho (after a river pirate is captured and pleads that he is innocent)
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"I never thought I’d see the day we let a Cobra jet fly over us unchallenged."
- Beach Head (while a Night Raven with General Hawk and Mainframe)

After Wet-Suit calculates that there is enough air available for 24 hours inside the club and Leatherneck explains that Serpentor won’t let the hostages go since it’s not the Cobra Emperor’s style, Wet-Suit suggests that they should remove the explosive charges. General Hawk bursts into Mainframe’s communication room and radios the Joes in space to go ahead with their plan since the Dreadnoks attacked the rescue shuttle.

The Joes disassemble a refrigerator, place it against a door and seal it to the wall thanks to a paste created by Holly. Cindy and Holly then help Wet-Suit create a suit to help him endure outer space while Leatherneck asks what Dial-Tone is working on. “You might say it’s named for a friend of ours - a lifeline,” replies Dial-Tone.

Just as Wet-Suit is ready to go into space, Dial-Tone hands Wet-Suit a six-pack of sodas and explains that they can be used as propellant in space. Placing a radio communicator inside Wet-Suit’s helmet, Dial-Tone explains that the space suit made of trash bags should provide enough protection in space.

A fishbowl is placed on Wet-Suit’s head, the lifeline is attached and the SEAL steps out into space. Shaking a can of soda and then popping it open so that he can move to the first explosive, Wet-Suit tells himself, “Going to be a piece of cake.” He then notes that he only needs a few more minutes, however, Dial-Tone reminds him that he does not have “a few more minutes.” Popping another can of soda, Wet-Suit tells his teammate, “I’m working as fast as I can.”

Beach Head, Mainframe and General Hawk watch as a drone from a Cobra Night Raven flies over their base. “I never thought I’d see the day we let a Cobra jet fly over us unchallenged,” says Beach Head. General Hawk concurs, and they watch the plane land and Dr. Mullaney climb inside. The Joes’ leader again asks Dr. Mullaney to reconsider, but the doctor explains that he is committed to his decision.

After sitting down in the Cobra plane, Dr. Mullaney listens to Serpentor explain that he has waited too long for the nitrogen engine and orders the doctor to begin his work as soon as he lands on Cobra Island. The plane takes off and a frustrated Mainframe kicks the ground.

Dial-Tone tells Leatherneck that Wet-Suit has been outside for too long, however, Leatherneck supports his teammate by stating the SEAL knows what he is doing. In space, Wet-Suit explains in a half-panting voice that he will return once the explosives are removed, but while moving to another bomb and listening to Dial-Tone, Wet-Suit slowly falls unconscious.

While Serpentor watches the Cobra plane’s flight on a monitor, Dr. Mindbender asks if he will deliver the hostages in space to the Joes. “Oh, I will. But not in one piece!” Serpentor pushes a button that activates the charges and explains that the explosives will be detonate in 60 seconds.

Mainframe intercepts Cobra’s detonation transmission and radios Dial-Tone about the bad news, who relays the information to Wet-Suit. But the Joe remains unconscious in space. The two Joes conclude that Wet-Suit blacked out and while Dial-Tone reels him back in with the lifeline, Leatherneck dons another trashbag space suit.

Due to the vacuum created by space, Holly, Cindy and Dial-Tone struggle to open the airlock, but they open the door and remove Wet-Suit’s helmet.

After the SEAL explains that there is one explosive left, Leatherneck puts on his helmet and yells back, “Don’t worry, kid!” He moves inside the airlock, closes the door and goes out into space despite Dial-Tone protests since Leatherneck isn’t wearing a lifeline.

As Leatherneck begins to deactivate the last explosive, Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender and Destro watch a screen and wait for the club’s destruction, however, nothing happens at the end of the countdown, and Serpentor is further enraged by Dr. Mindbender stating the obvious.

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