I know someone I’d like to put in a wheelchair.
  -- Wet-Suit (to Leatherneck after Shipwreck berates them)
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"Well, I don’t think you’d look too good in a string bikini!"
- Robin, Satin's agent (after Low-Light unnerves her)

After Robin demands the location of Low-Light’s sister since she has missed three sessions, Low-Light explains that he hasn’t seen her since helping her move. Robin then shouts that all the model in the city must be “taking a powder” since she hasn’t been able to reach anyone. “You got me, didn’t you?” Low-Light half-jokes. “Yeah!” shouts Robin. “Well, I don’t think you’d look too good in a string bikini!” After Robin hangs up, Dial-Tone laughs, but he is cut off as Low-Light tells him to meet him in Mainframe’s lab, where they ask a shocked Mainframe to find out which models inside a stack of fashion magazines live in Una's city.

The three Joes later visit Flint and present their findings. As soon as Flint hears about the Joes helping Satin and Una move, Flint interrupts and tells them that he wanted to talk Dial-Tone and Low-Light about the unauthorized use of an AWE Striker. But Low-Light pounds Flint’s desk and tells him to listen to Dial-Tone, who continues to explain (with Mainframe’s help) that four other models were kidnapped: Candy Huntly, Sherry Eastman, Tara Dawset and Carol Leagues. Flint tells the Joes that the case seems like one for the police, but Low-Light tells Flint to look at the bottom of the magazine for the publisher's name. And Flint sees the words "Extensive Enterprises."

While Una and Satin sit in a cell with the other kidnapped models and are watched by Madame Veil, Alana (Cover Girl) and Tatania (Lady Jaye) arrive at the Glamour Girls studio and explain to a confused Natasha that Robin told them to pay her a visit after finishing their Fashion World magazine shoot earlier in the day. As soon as Natasha leaves the room to talk to Franco, Cover Girl explains that Natasha is a fake since Fashion World magazine went out of business years ago. Lady Jaye suggests they check the filing cabinets and she finds pictures of the models and Low-Light’s missing sister.

Franco then enters the room and agrees to photograph them. Sitting inside a van, Low-Light listens to Franco tell the Joe women that they are the two most beautiful women he has ever photographed. “Baloney,” mutters Low-Light as Dial-Tone reports that the bug inside Lady Jaye’s purse is detecting some strange electronic equipment. As Lady Jaye and Cover Girl leave the studio, the Baroness reminds them about the party.

They walk past Low-Light and Dial-Tone as the explain the studio is clean and then add that they have a party to attend. Realizing that they've heard the same line about the party from Una and Satin, Dial-Tone and Low-Light track bug in Lady Jaye’s purse while flying aboard Lift-Ticket's Tomahawk helicopter.

Meanwhile, the Dreadnoks decide to have some fun and use the camera’s hypnotic powers to convince Zarana to attend the party.

Sitting on top of Silver Mirage motorcycles, Flint, Dial-Tone, Low-Light, Mainframe, Lifeline and Lift-Ticket watch Lady Jaye and Cover Girl walk toward a weathered tugboat. Zarana then arrives on her motorcycle and joins them moments before the boat exterior falls away to reveal a Cobra Hydrofoil underneath. As soon as two Cobra agents order Cover Girl and Lady Jaye to climb on board, the Joes attack, however, two Stuns with several Motor Vipers on board drive the Joes to the end of the dock while the hydrofoil zooms away.

Although Low-Light shoots out the lights on one of the Stuns, another hits a stack of crates, and the Joes are knocked out and captured. The Dreadnoks fly to Zartan’s base and tell one another to treat the incident with Zarana as a joke.

But when Cobra’s master of disguise learns that they sent Zarana to Madame Veil's island, he doesn’t laugh but kicks them all in the face and calls Dr. Mindbender to demand the release of his sister. Noting that Madame Veil liked Zarana’s face and that the Facial Transference Machine is more important than family ties, Dr. Mindbender bids farewell to Zartan, who shoots the monitor in a fit of rage.

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