Cobra Commander has a mind?
  -- Roadblock (insulting Cobra Commander, who explained that he had devised a cruel method of execution for the Joes)
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"Like, how can you be so totally uncool, Low-Light?"
- Satin (to Low-Light after receiving an invitation to a party)

Strapped to a chair, a young woman pleads for her life, however, an enormous machine next to her is activated and the facial features of the younger woman disappear and make her captor's face appear younger. Zarana, the Baroness, Zartan, Cobra Commander and Dr. Mindbender watch the process and the two female Cobra agents are shocked by the scene. Dr. Mindbender stands up, turns off the monitor and explains that the computer simulation has come to an end.

After Dr. Mindbender explains that the Facial Transference Machine has been invented by Madame Veil, an international cosmetic tycoon, Cobra Commander asks outloud why Cobra should care about the machine. Serpentor then bursts into the room and tells him that Cobra should care because the machine will be priceless in Cobra’s possession. Cobra Commander offers to steal the machine, but Dr. Mindbender replies while twisting his moustache, “No need for undue heroism, Cobra Commander.” Before Dr. Mindbender informs the Cobra agents about Operation: High Fashion, he adds that Madame Veil is willing to share the machine with Cobra for a price: a fresh supply of young faces.

Dial-Tone drops a few copies of High Fashion and apologizes to Una, a model, and then quips that he doesn’t help a popular model move every day. Low-Light tells his sister, Una, that the neighborhood is filled with “punks and crazies,” but Satin teases Low-Light by explaining that Una knows all about punks and crazies since she grew up with Low-Light.

Opening the door to a new apartment, Low-Light finds an invitation, and Satin and Una learn that they have been invited to a photo session at Glamour Girls Studios tomorrow. Low-Light believes the invitation is bogus, but Satin replies, “Like, how can you be so totally uncool, Low-Light?”

Inside the photo studio, Buzzer and Ripper allow a beach background to fall and Zartan orders the Dreadnoks to be more careful. After Torch wonders how the operation will work, Zartan explains that the camera’s flash will send a subliminal hypnotic suggestion and cause target to be under Cobra’s control. Zartan takes a shot of Torch and then orders the Dreadnok to work through lunch and forfeit his part of the bounty to Zartan. Torch happily agrees and the goes to work, much to the dismay of Buzzer, Ripper and Monkeywrench. The Baroness adds that the hypnotized models will then be ordered to travel by ship to Madame Veil’s tropical island. Buzzer laughs and jokes, “Hope they don’t mind losing a little face.”

Aboard an ocean linear, Dr. Mindbender tells Madame Veil that her machine is working perfectly. She walks over to him, takes off her glove, touches Dr. Mindbender’s face with a hand that appears to be very old and asks if he finds her beautiful. Cobra’s chief scientist tells her that she is ravishing and she slaps him while calling him a liar. Rubbing his face, Dr. Mindbender walks over to a table and explains that Madame Veil will be beautiful and all she has to do is pick any young woman she wants and Cobra will fulfill her request.

Franco and Natasha, Zartan and the Baroness in disguise, respectively, photograph the models at Glamour Girls magazine's studio and order the hypnotized Satin and Una to attend a party.

Low-Light and Dial-Tone, who are sitting in an AWE Striker, watch the girls walk away and despite Low-Light’s reminder that they can’t attend a party since they haven’t finished moving, the women enter a subway tunnel. “Women!” grumbles Low-Light.

While Zartan and the Baroness shed their disguises, Una, who shares that she feels like Cinderella, and Una arrive at the party, but at midnight the hypnotic suggestion wears off and they find themselves surrounded not by men in tuxedoes but the Dreadnoks and a Cobra Viper. Inside a ship, Satin tells her friend that she thinks they aren’t in Kansas anymore.

While Roadblock, Wet-Suit and Leatherneck are at the target range, Low-Light destroys a small cart carrying a target and Beach Head yells at the Joe since the equipment was supposed to last all week. Shipwreck and Polly arrive in a jeep and the sailor shouts that Low-Light has a phone call from Dial-Tone, who tells the angry and destructive marksman that Satin’s agent, Robin, is on the phone.

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