Lady, you owe me.
  -- Charles Fairmont (placing a guilt trip on Lady Jaye)
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"What did you expect?"
- Destro (to Cobra Commander, who is angered that Zartan's mission failed)

After Cobra Commander sees that the Worldwide Defense Center is still standing when the countdown is over, Destro shoots a few holes in Zartan's character. Cobra Commander then spins around and orders a full-scale assault. Spirit pulls out a small knife that was concealed under his headband and asks for the spirits of his fathers to guide his throw, and the knife strikes a button on a control panel that opens the cell. Doc is knocked out by Zartan, who camoflauged himself with the cell's wall color, and Zartan uses Doc's gun to destroy the power room's control panel. Recondo and Gung Ho check on Doc while Lady Jaye and Stalker run off to examine the power room.

Spirit is threatened to turn back from escape by Storm Shadow after shooting an arrow at the Joe and Dr. Mettier. But Spirit continues to assist Dr. Mettier into a Cobra Rattler's gun turret. The next arrow shot by Storm Shadow is caught by Freedom, who boards the Rattler prior to Spirit flying away and destroying the base.

As Lady Jaye and Stalker enter the darkened control room, Lady Jaye ignites a flare and the Joes try to find Zartan, who laughs at them in the darkness. Lady Jaye sets the flare down and rushes out to find Zartan against Stalker's protests, and she is knocked unconscious. Dodging Zartan's laser fire, Stalker turns on the auxillary power and opens an iris in the roof. Lady Jaye is awakened by Stalker and while she points to Zartan, who is complaining about how much he hates the sunlight while turning a shade of blue, she states, "If I had your complextion, so would I." Gung Ho, Doc and Recondo enter the room just as Cobra Commander launches his missiles from a FANG at the Defense Center.

The Joes split up and fight the Dreadnoks and the Cobra trainees, who use the Dreadnoks' training, and the Joes beat them in every encounter.

Flying into the sky in Sky Hawks and Dragonflies, the Joes face a six to one ratio of Cobra to Joe aircrafts. Doc tells Lady Jaye that they are outnumbered but in a voice full of confidence and command, she tells all the Joes: "Give it your best shot!" Before a FANG behind Lady Jaye can fire a missile, Spirit arrives and shoots down her opponent. With renewed vigor, the Joes fight on and destroy even more FANGS.

Cobra Commander's helicopter is shot, but he grabs onto Destro's FANG and orders his army to retreat. Torch yells at his fellow Dreadnoks while rescuing them that it's time to leave and Zartan latches onto the FANG after screaming, "Not without me!"

As the captured Cobra agents are hauled away, Gung Ho announces that it is now time to get down to serious business - making Cajun gumbo. Dr. Mettier confesses his appreciation for the true American delicasse and quickly becomes friends with Gung Ho. Meanwhile, as the other Joes walk with their hands on one another's shoulders, Spirit asks Freedom if he would like his portion of the gumbo, and Freedom flies into the air and screeches in fright!

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