Letís not and pretend we did, okay?
  -- Scarlett (after slapping Shipwreck in the face when he makes a pass at her)
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"Who's goin' to pay us?"
- Ripper (learning that Zartan was captured by the Joes)

After Lady Jaye reminds Gung Ho that the loser of the javelin toss contest will cook dinner, Gung Ho scores a bull's eye. However, Lady Jaye strikes Gung Ho's javelin, splits her own into two halves and hits two bull's eye marks. Stalker, who is practicing on the parallel bars asks why she won when she knows Gung Ho's going to prepare cajun gumbo. "Yeah," says Recondo, "last time we used it to fuel the Skystrikers." Gung Ho remarks that gumbo builds muscles and asks for Doc's supporting opinion. "Well," Doc replies, "it's certainly given you a cast-iron stomach."

Lady Jaye spots Freedom and the Joes conclude that Spirit must be in trouble. The Joes climb into Dragonflies and Sky Hawks and fly away in order to assist their teammates.

Spirit is knocked out by Zartan before Storm Shadow divulges any information about the bomb. As Storm Shadow leaves the complex, he catches sight of the incoming Joes, who enter the conference room and discover Zartan after Freedom rips away his mask. Zartan surrenders and asks to be taken to the Joe prison, a request that piques Lady Jaye and Doc's curiousity.

Gung Ho spots Zartan looking at his watch and after Zartan bolts and is knocked down by Lady Jaye's javelin, he confesses to the Joes that there is a bomb in the complex. Locking Zartan inside of a cell on the center's grounds, Lady Jaye orders the Joes fan out to search for the bomb while Freedom is to find Spirit.Before Gung Ho leaves Zartan, he places the watch with displaying the countdown on a lever to remind Zartan how much time is left until the bomb explodes.

Spirit is shoved into a cell with Dr. Mettier at the Cobra Temple. Cobra Commander asks Storm Shadow about Zartan. Cobra's ninja explains that he was in the building when the Joes arrived and the Dreadnoks conclude that Zartan is still inside. "That's terrible," says Torch. "Yeah! Who's goin' to pay us?" asks Ripper. Cobra Commander tells the Dreadnoks that Cobra will pay them and leaves the Dreadnoks in charge of guarding the prisioners while Storm Shadow and Destro accompany
Cobra Commander. As they leave the room, Storm Shadow asks if he should rescue Cobra's Master of Disguise, but Destro tells him that if Zartan's so clever then he can save himself.

Using their communicators, which are strapped to the Joes' wrists, Recondo, Gung Ho, Stalker and Doc take turns reporting to Lady Jaye that they have not found the bomb. Meanwhile, Zartan sweats and paces frantically as the timer continues to dwindle down.

The restless Dreadnoks hear the worried words of Dr. Mettier and Torch decides to cheer up their prisoners. Sealing Dr. Mettier and Spirit's cell, Torch floods the cell with laughing gas.

Just before Lady Jaye calls it quits and tells the Joes to escort Zartan out of his cell, Gung Ho asks for the Joes to wait for a few more seconds. Suddenly, Zartan screams that he will tell them the location of the bomb - in the backup control room behind the third panel from the left. They sprint to the room while Zartan yells for them to release him. As Zartan continues to watch the countdown on his watch, he softly tells himself, "I'm doomed."

Storm Shadow knocks the Dreadnoks down and purges Spirit's cell of laughing gas. He orders the Dreadnoks to leave and promises to make them suffer if he catches them near the cell again. After they have left, Storm Shadow approaches Spirit and explains that noble enemies should not suffer the pains of laughing gas.

The Joes find the bomb and the first wire that Recondo removes speeds up the countdown process, but the second wire ends the countdown one second before detonation. Stalker wonders why the bomb was two minutes faster than the bomb's timer. Gung Ho explains that he set Zartan's watch ahead by two minutes since he figured Zartan's nerve would give out before the Joes', and the plan amuses all of the Joes. Doc then leaves to check on Zartan.

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