This is getting expensive.
  -- Scarlett (after a shot from a Cobra agent disentigrates a corner of thousand dollar bills stacked near her head)
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"Anyone can use a weapon, but the ninja is a weapon."
- Storm Shadow (after the Dreadnoks finish boasting and destroying a tank)

Under a net in the middle of a jungle, Buzzer, Ripper and Torch, a group of vicious individuals collectively known as the Dreadnoks, train three newly recruited Cobra agents in the art of weaponary. Torch explains that a flamethrower is most effectively used when you set fire to the foundation of your target since the rest will crumble when the base has been turned to ashes. As the three recruits are firing at targets, Ripper interupts and tells them to user tracer ammo. While standing near a brick wall, Buzzer tosses a wad of plastic explosives at the recruits who freeze in fearful stances but relax when Buzzer states that the plastic explosive will not explode until a detonator is added.

As the recruits try to perform the same acts of balance as Storm Shadow, they fall and the Dreadnoks mock Storm Shadow's skills and proceed to destroy a tank with their weapons, which, they claim, makes them invincible. But Storm Shadow counters, "Anyone can use a weapon, but the ninja is a weapon." Knocking another tank with his bare hands and striking it with his feet, Storm Shadow jumps to the ground and bows before leaving. At first, Ripper does not believe Storm Shadow is so tough, but as rivets pop out of the tank, treads collapse and the cannon falls apart, all three Dreadnoks stand stunned. "Blimey," whispers Torch.

At the zenith of the Cobra temple, Cobra Commander remarks on the impressive display, but Destro tells him that the ninja, Storm Shadow, is quite talented while the Dreadnoks are useless and are loyal to Cobra only because of the gold paid to them by their "sniveling master" Zartan. As Cobra Commander turns to leave and is followed by Destro into the base, he explains to Destro that Zartan and his crew are much more valuable to him than Destro, which shocks the silver-masked arms dealer.

The duo approach a console and find another Cobra Commander, and the Cobra Commander who accompanied Destro into the base removes his hood to reveal his true identity - Zartan. "Who plays the fool now, Destro?" Zartan asks Destro. Grabbing the hood and ripping it into two pieces, Destro menacingly tells Zartan that one day he will be pushed too far.

Cobra Commander orders them to silence their bickering and explains that countries all over the world are gathering at the Worldwide Defense Center to centralize and share their information about terrorism thanks to some sophisticated computers. The only scientist who has not yet arrived is Dr. Mettier from France, and Cobra Commander asks if Zartan is ready to execute his mission. Destro questions Cobra Commander's decision of trusting Zartan to such a vital operation and is attacked by the Master of Disguise himself.

Looking at his watch, Dr. Mettier asks the doorman to bring his car quickly since he is late. After leaving the Taft Hotel, he is attacked by the Dreadnoks while driving to the conference and is forced to swerve into an alley with a hidden entrance at the end. Zartan dons a mask of Dr. Mettier's face and leaves in his car after hearing the Mettier's voice and mimicing it perfectly.

Inside the Worldwide Defense Center, Freedom flies down from his perch and lands on Spirit's arm. Turning toward nearby a monitor, Lady Jaye asks Spirit if all of the scientists have arrived. He explains that all but one have arrived and Lady Jaye offers the assistance of the other Joes if Spirit needs them.

After Zartan passes through a handscanner at the front gate, he parks the car and informs Storm Shadow that they will meet inside. The security system at the Worldwide Defense Center scans Zartan for concealed weapons and then allows him to enter the conference room.

After greetings are exchanged with other scientists, Dr. Mettier hands over a briefcase and is caught by another scientist as a loser in a bet. The scientist relishes his victory and explains that one year ago Dr. Mettier would never wear a digital watch. Dr. Mettier excuses himself but Freedom and Spirit follow him because both have a suspicious feeling about him.

Zartan meets with Storm Shadow, who gives him a bomb and confronts Spirit while Zartan rushes to the backup control room to detonate the explosives. While Spirit and Storm Shadow renew their animosity, Spirit orders Freedom to leave and get help. Flying out of the Defense Center after a scientist opens a hemisphere on the roof, Freedom flies to Joe Headquarters.

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