Holiday blues, I guess...
  -- Duke (responding Tripwire's question about the cause of Mutt's depression)
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"Well, Zandar, you failed so quickly?"
- Zartan (after Zandar retreats from
Joe headquarters)

Although Polly complains that he is bored to tears while sitting on the shoulder of Shipwreck, who is sitting on the edge of the Tactical Battle Platform and fishing in the ocean, Shipwreck explains that he is enjoying the peace and quiet. Wet-Suit adds that he wouldn’t mind a fight with Cobra and wishes he could be underwater searching for the missing space satellite with the robot submarines. However, Deep Six reminds the SEAL that he is not tough enough to handle the anti-matter found by the satellite and, as Deep Six hold his index finger and thumb and inch apart, he explains that a small amount could power California for a month.

Cobra Commander, who is watching the Joes with a periscope on a Cobra submarine, laughs at the Joes and their comments of the anti-matter falling into the “wrong hands” and orders the subs to surface and attack. The Joes dive for cover, but Wet-Suit manages to climb into a missile turret and fire two rockets at a sub.

The subs then focus their attack on Wet-Suit, forcing him to dive for cover. Wet-Suit reprograms the search subs to munch on the Cobra ships and Cobra is forced to retreat. While Shipwreck cheers, Deep Six orders Torpedo to fix the radio so that they can call Duke for help.

Inside an Extensive Enterprises warehouse, Cobra Commander tells Zartan, Zandar and Zarana that he wants the access codes to the Joes’ search subs and he doesn’t care which of the mercenaries completes the job.

As soon as Sci Fi and Leatherneck pass by a set of bushes, Zandar emerges, hops over a wall and attempts to enter a door marked Top Secret on the Joe's base, however, Low-Light spots Zandar from a watch tower and begins to fire.

But as Low-Light is firing, Iceberg doesn’t see the Cobra agent and yells, “What the bloody blue blazes are you shooting at?” Zandar leaps back over the wall and drives away in a Cobra Ferret while under fire.

Zandar arrives at the Dreadnoks’ camp and Zartan asks his brother, “Well, Zandar, you failed so quickly?” Zandar explains he will try again tomorrow night, but Zarana steps in and explains that she will can change the access codes with the right forged papers.

Dressed in an army uniform, Zarana presents her forged papers to Beach Head, who learns that Carol Wiedler is cleared for “secret access.” Beach Head lets her inside the room and Mainframe, who has blown a circuit and is under a computer terminal, hear Zarana and tells her brusquely to sit down and be quiet. Mainframe rolls out from underneath the terminal, catches an eyeful of Zarana’s stunning appearance and quickly introduces himself.

Zarana hands her orders to him, but he crumples them up, tosses them over her shoulder and tells her to relax since she is working with him. He then suggests that they go somewhere and talk so that he can “fill her in on the big picture.” But Zarana quickly turns around and replies icily that if the “big picture” includes making a pass at her, she will file harassment charges against Mainframe faster than he can spit. “Sheesh! You sound like my ex-wife!” Mainframe stutters.

The Joe subs find the space probe and the Joes cheer, however, as they try to bring it up, the subs become stuck because Wet-Suit deleted the code for the recovery program during their Battle with Cobra.

Outside Joe Headquarters, Zarana sits at a table and tells Zartan via a video-link that she needs to complete her mission soon.

While Mainframe is under a terminal fixing a computer, Zarana lassos the two crates that are on top of several others and gives them a hard tug. As the crates tumble down, Mainframe wheels out from underneath the terminal and swiftly skateboards away. But the crates also tumble toward Zarana. However, Mainframe skates across the floor and carries her to safety.

Mainframe climbs to his feet as Zarana explains that no one has ever risked their life for her. He tells her that he is kind of glad that the accident happened since it allows him the chance to apologize for making a pass at her, and he also tells her that she is too nice of a lady to put up with his behavior. Flattered by his compliment, Zarana then accepts his invitation to dinner.

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