Flint! I knew you'd miss me.
  -- Lady Jaye (receiving a phone call from Flint, who is on vacation)
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"I think that says it all."
- Flint (after Dial-Tone rewires a sign to blink "Yo Joe!")

The Joes climb to the roof, however, the element of surprise is ruined as the Dreadnoks once again catch up with the Joes. Flint is forced off the roof by Ripper’s shots and grabs onto the letter “T,” which is part of the hotel’s sign. But the bolts securing the sign to the roof begin to pop out.

Hawk radios Mainframe and the Joes’ computer expert explains that he is flying with Duke and Beach Head in Conquest X-30s toward Cloud City, an abandoned Native American city that contains telephone lines that probably hook Cobra’s computer to the FBI’s mainframe.

However, the Joes are attacked by Cobra Night Ravens, which are destroyed at the cost of the Joes’ planes. Duke, Mainframe and Beach Head then move toward the city.

Low-Light shoots away the supports for the letter “O” on top of the hotel and rolls the letter toward the Dreadnoks, forcing them to retreat and jump off the edge of the building and into a pool. However, Ripper is caught in the center of the letter, rolls off the roof and into a tree while Low-Light catches Flint before he falls to the ground.

Inside the hotel, Zarana explains that Sci Fi will be stoned to death with coins from a slot machine while Dr. Mindbender will finish off Lifeline in a game of craps, thanks to Dr. Mindbender's dice.

The two die are tossed toward Lifeline and then bounce away, and out of the sides of the dice, which land as a snake eyes roll, appear two Cobras, which hiss and slither toward Lifeline with a large set of fangs.

Flint radios Duke to let him know that he and his team are inside the Cobrathon's hotel and Duke reports that they have found the home of Cobra’s computer while spying a BAT. Beach Head tosses a grenade that slams the robot against a wall and Mainframe finishes off the BAT by shooting the BAT’s guidance system, which is located in its chest.

Duke and the others enter the Cobra base and find Cobra’s supercomputer, which is a hacker’s dream according to Mainframe. While attaching his computer to Cobra’s, Mainframe tells a curious Duke that he is about to enter a virus that will cause Cobra’s virus to target the supercomputer.

At the Coconut Hotel, Flint, Dial-Tone and Low-Light burst into the studio with guns blazing.

The criminals in the audience and the Cobra command staff retreat while the Joes continue to press their attack, drive back the Vipers and rescue their friends. However, the pledge sign continues spin closer toward the five billion dollar goal.

As the Cobra elite escape by FANG helicopters, Flint radios Duke and learns that Mainframe’s virus was successful.

Dial-Tone notices that the camera is still on and asks Flint if they should give the viewers a sign-off. Flint asks what Dial-Tone has in mind and after tinkering with the control panel on a wall, Dial-Tone asks, “How about this?”

In flashing lights, Cobra’s pledge counter turns from the words “We did it” to “Yo Joe!!”
“I think that says it all,” an amused Flint replies. “I think that says it all.”

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