Hey, let's keep this thing on the road! I left my wings at home.
  -- Tripwire (to Gung Ho as the ATV skids to the edge of a cliff)
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"Bit off more than you can chew, huh?"
- Mutt (mocking an alligator who tried to eat the Joe)

Mutt drops to the ground and is thankful that he has lost Junkyard for awhile, but Junkyard leaps and jumps onto Mutt's back, who flips him off and tosses Junkyard into a log in a river. He climbs onto a larger log but it turns over and reveals itself as a crocadile and chases Junkyard, who tries to dog paddle to safety. But Mutt wrestles the crocidile and yells at the animal to leave his best friend alone. Suddenly, Mutt is knocked off and becomes the crocidile's newest target. Grabbing a thick branch, Mutt jams it into the mouth of the crocidile and jokes, "Bit off more than you can chew, huh?" Mutt trudges out of the river and pets Junkyard, who is again lying on the ground and playing possum. But Junkyard rises quickly and walks toward Mutt while growling fiercely.

Spirit and Snake Eyes fly on their Falcon gliders to Lucifer's castle, however, before Snake Eyes jumps into the moat and swims to the other side, Spirit uses Timber's dinner to test a hunch. Placing the chunk of meat in the water, Spirit discovers that piranhas live in the river, therefore, he talks to Timber and Freedom and tells them to guard the Joes as if they were under Cobra's control.

The Joes cross the drawbridge and a Cobra agent orders the animals to take the Joes to the prison cell. The Joes break into the cell and Spirit shoots away the chains so Scarlett and Ripcord can shake loose and kill the spiders that are crawling on them.

Ripcord, Scarlett, Sanke Eyes, Spirit, Freedom and Timber fight their way to the control room as the rest of the Joe team attack the castle. Cobra Commander sneers at Dr. Lucifer about the secrecy of the castle's location and they attempt to unleash their animal army on the world, however, Freedom nabs Cobra Commander and Spirit and Snake Eyes shoot the control console before the command dial is turned.

Moments before Mutt is torn to shreds by Junkyard, Cobra's machine is destroyed and the two best friends are reunited. Around the world the animals leave the cities and return to their naturual habitats.

Spirit tells Scarlett that Cobra Commander escaped but it matters little since there will always be evil and evil men in the world. "Yeah, good thing there are us Joes."

Dr. Lucifer is placed in the same prison cell as Professor Attila in Stonehall and Scarlett tells him that he should look the Joes up in a few hundred years. Flint says they have definitely earned some R&R, and Mutt agrees whole-heartedly and states, "I, for one, am dog tired."

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