Yes. Odd, isn't it, how time flies?
  -- Cobra Commander (replying to Ripcord's questions about Mutt's promised time to escape)
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"Need a taxi, mister?"
- Ace (to Duke, who just destroyed Cobra's diamond mine)

Duke and Ace enter the village of the Yellow Mamo and discover that it has been turned into an airstrip, and the end of the airstrip is a diamond mine that is used to fuel the cloaking deivce. Duke and Ace each knock away some Cobras and grab a plane after Major Bludd bursts into the camp and tells the other Cobra agents that there are two intruders. Ace flies into the air while Duke drives his plane into the entrance of the mine. The plane explodes and destroys the remaining aircraft on the ground. Ace lands and asks Duke, "Need a taxi, mister?"

Sparks finishes building the remote frequency scanner and attaches it to the main communication monitor at Joe Headquarters. As Cobra Commander tells the world that since he has not yet received the surrender of the world from "your so-called leaders," he will destroy another tanker. As the ship explodes, Sparks shouts and tells everyone that the Cobra base is off the coast of Padagonia and that the ships are in the Faulklands. Duke orders the Joes to mobilize and destroy Cobra's base.

Skystrikers, WHALEs, SHARCs and Dragonflies attack Cobra's base. After Scarlett's Skystriker is hit, she ejects and aims her crossbow at a Cobra Rattler flying straight toward her, however, she spots and Ace and Duke at the helm and the Joes fly the Rattler toward the Cobra ground forces who shot Scarlett's plane down and destroy them. While Cutter and Rock 'n' Roll cut off several Cobra agents, Duke is greeted with a hug by Scarlett after he and Ace land.

Cobra Commander blames Destro for the discovery of his base since his remote control was supposedly untraceable. Disbelieving that the Joes have such a scanner, Destro and Cobra Commander are attacked inside their control room by the Joes and Scarlett tells Destro that they now can track his frequencies. Scarlett destroys the cloaking device machine with an arrow and after Duke destroys the remote detonator he tries to escort Cobra Commander away. However, Cobra's leader releases a gas that paralyzes Duke. Scarlett and Ace rush to help their teammate, and Destro and Cobra Commander escape.

As Duke and Scarlett fly home, Scarlett tries to cheer Duke up by telling that they got the job done. Still disappointed about Cobra Commander slipping away, Duke glumly replies, "I guess." Suggesting they should simply go back to headquarters, Scarlett hints that he could always take her to dinner and a movie. "Now you're cooking with gas," Duke says cheerfully. As Duke pilots the Skystriker into a dive, he tells Scarlett, "I just hope we can find a parking place."

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