They played the tune that made men swoon.
  -- Roadblock (summarizing in two lines the power of the Conch of the Sirens)
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"Loud, clear and ugly, Colonel Sharpe."
- Duke (confirming that he heard Cobra's latest nefarious scheme)

Seizing the television airwaves, Cobra Commander announces to the world that during the last 12 hours Cobra has attacked drilling platforms, oil tankers in the sea, and destroyed vital links in the Alaskan pipeline. The attacks will continue until the world surrenders to Cobra. Cobra Commander then fires a laser beam that bounces off a satellite in space and strikes a group of oil tankers and the ships vanish.

At G.I.Joe headquarters, Col. Sharpe asks the communication officer, Sparks, sitting next to him if he was able to trace Cobra's transmission. Unfortunately, the video signal was bounced off a satellite and Sparks was unable to trace it. Col. Sharpe radios Duke, who is flying with Ace in a Skystriker, if he received the broadcast. "Loud, clear and ugly, Colonel Sharpe," Duke replies, and he then asks Sparks what happened to the tankers. Believing the tankers simply vanished, Sparks is told by Scarlett on the radio that Cobra has a cloaking device that can hide the ships from their most sensitive equipment.

Duke radios Scarlett, who is riding a RAM on the freeway, and tells her that if the recently found Cobra hideout on the West Coast has a lead then he wants it. "And I like a man who knows what he wants," she replies, increasing her speed and threading her motorcycle through the thick traffic. Torpedo and Deep Six are ordered by Duke to pay a visit to a base in the ocean. "Piece of fishcake, Duke," says Torpedo, who is coldly told by Deep Six that he has a peculiar sense of humor.

Cobra Commander commends Destro for his cloaking device's ability to fool the Joes and tells him that the weapon will bring Cobra victory. However, Destro warns that G.I.Joe will move against them. Cobra Commander laughs and tells Destro that the Joes must first find the Joes and how long can they search the globe until they run out of fuel. Destro is slightly impressed by Cobra Commander's cleverness, however, the arms dealer does not celebrate victory until the war is won.

Deep Six and Torpedo arrive at the Cobra base in the ocean and are attacked. As the Joes evade the laser fire from Cobra, Torpedo akss Deep Six to drop him off in the water. Torpedo slides out the bottom of the SHARC and as the SHARC approaches the base, the gunners in two of the turrets jump out because they think Deep Six is going to ram into them. However, Deep Six pulls up and tells the Cobra agents as they jump into the water, "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."

Torpedo dodges Cobra's torpedoes and fires one of his own explosive-tipped harpoons into one of the missile tubes. His shot strikes a Cobra torpedo and causes it explode, and explosions cause a chain reaction with the other missiles and damage the base, which begins to sink into the ocean. Cobra agents evacuate and as Deep Six joins Torpedo in the ocean, Cobra Eels attack with a sonar gun that scrambles the Joes' brains. But Deep Six angrily states that he likes it quiet in the ocean and swims toward the Eels, grabs the gun and smashes their visors before breaking the gun. The Eels swim to the surface and the Joes step through a hole in the base's structure in order to search for clues on the location of the missing tankers.

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