What are you clowns doing up there?!
  -- Wet-Suit (after a rocket explodes near him)
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"No way am I going to eat an octopus."
- Gung Ho (after looking at his meal)

Inside a snake and skeleton populated cell, Lady Jaye and Dr. Morito are told by Cobra Commander and the Baroness that when the bombs flood Tokyo they will outlive their friends by roughly two minutes since the island the cell will also be destroyed.

Quick Kick and his entourage arrive, however, Cobra Commander pulls a lever and snakes drop out of baskets and onto the floor. Cobra Commander and the Baroness leave the room via a rotating wall and Quick Kick swings out of the room to grab a fire extinguisher in order to freeze the snakes.

At the Tokyo base, Flint tells the Joes that Dr. Morita has supplied the locations of the bombs and that they will split up and disarm the bomb. Quick Kick and Gung Ho visit The Great Buddha in Calcutta, Bazooka and Tako visit a shrine and Flint and Lady Jaye dig in the ground near Mt. Fuji.

After Flint finds the first bomb in the ground, Quick Kick nearly drops the bomb but it is caught by Gung Ho and Bazooka finds the bomb in the temple by noticing that a large number of candles have been knocked down in one area. With one minute left, Bazooka radios the Joes to cut the red and then blue wires, however, he is stumped as to whether the black or yellow wires is next. Finally deciding on the black wire, all of the Joes but Bazooka cut the black and yellow wires. But Bazooka and Tako are forced to dive for cover while under fire from Scarp Iron’s FANG helicopter.

The shrine, which is quickly burning to the ground, begins to collapse around Bazooka and Tako, who are forced to run away from the bomb due to falling and fiery debris. But before the bomb explodes, Tako flings a throwing star at the yellow wire and slices it neatly. Bazooka happily grabs and compliments Tako, who laughs because she has finally been able to make Bazooka say something nice.

They rush to their Silver Mirage motorcycles and try to escape Scrap Iron, however, Tako’s bike is destroyed moments after she leaps off of it. Bazooka picks her, she thanks him for saving her and Scrap Iron chases the two while promising to make their deaths as painful as possible. But Bazooka drives his bike up a ramp and Bazooka and Tako leap off before the motorcycle crashes into the FANG helicopter. Bazooka turns to Tako, holds out thumbs up sign and asks, “Partners?” Tako returns the gesture and replies gladly, “Partners.”

Inside a house, the Joes and Tako kneel at a table and raise their drinks to a successful mission. Bazooka looks at his plate with small octopuses and tells Tako, who explains that the meal is a delicacy, “Phooey! Hamburger’s better.” Tako’s face screws up in disgust at the mentioning of a hamburger and Lady Jaye comments that some cultural gaps can’t be bridged.

Flint asks if their host really expect them to eat the octopuses and Lady Jaye tells him to be a little open-minded. “My mind is open; it’s my mouth that’s shut,” he tells her, and she immediately shushes Flint so that he won’t offend the Joes’ hosts. Flint then notices that the octopus just grabbed his chopsticks. Gung Ho then adds, “Wait until it gets to your stomach.” Lady Jaye explains that the octopus meal won’t hurt them, however, with his hands over his face, Gung Ho frankly tells her, “No way am I going to eat an octopus.”

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