Emmie, I told you never to make that surprise stew again!
  -- a farmer (to his wife while running away from a giant germ)
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"Any time, baby, any time."
- Ace (in response to Wild Weseal's threat of revenge)

“I don’t mind being shot at, I don’t mind emergency landings, I don’t even mind crashing - but I hate turbulence,” complains Gung Ho, who grabs his stomach while sitting next to Flint in a cockpit of a G.I.Joe passenger plane. Flint radios the Joes’ base in Tokyo and Lady Jaye replies learns that he in flying over Thailand with the delegates for the economic summit and will be landing in time for dinner.

However, Cobra Commander is listening on their conversation and on Lady Jaye’s opinion of Cobra, he comments: “Yesss, sssnakes stay in the grasss until they ssstrike.” With the Baroness by his side, he then orders Wild Weasel and the three other Cobra pilots to attack the Joes’ plane. Flint tries to calm Gung Ho by explaining that planes don’t crash because of turbulence, however, Gung Ho looks out of his window and replies that Flint is right except that planes do crash when Cobra is on their tail.

Wild Weasel damages the right wing on the Joes’ passenger plane and orders Flint to land, but Flint merely comments that shooting at a passenger plane is quite coward and their unarmed plane is probably the only one Cobra could attack.  With his patience wearing thin, Wild Weasel again threatens Flint and accommodates him by creating a runway with ATG (Air to Ground) missiles that are launched by the other Rattlers in a “carpet formation.”

After landing the plane and pulling it to a stop, Flint tells Gung Ho to get the passengers ready while Cobra Ferrets, which are driven by Cobra agents, drive out of the jungle. And as the ramp on the back of the Joes’ plane is lowered to the ground, Thunder drives his Slugger out of the plane and attacks the Cobras. While driving the Slugger into battle, a Cobra agent aims a gun at Thunder’s head, however, Flint drives out of the plane on a Silver Mirage motorcycle, grabs the gun from the Cobra agent, who falls to the ground, and is thanked by his teammate. They split up while under fire, but a couple of shots from the Slugger stops the Cobra Ferrets.

Wild Weasel, who radios Cobra Commander that the plane is trap, attacks the Joe ground forces, but Ace arrives with a squad of Skystrikers and tells Cobra that the Joes’ are dealing from a stacked deck. After shooting down a few Rattlers, the Joes watch Cobra retreat and listen to Wild Weasel swear revenge, and Ace only tells the top Cobra pilot, “Anytime, baby, anytime.”

Realizing the Joes have learned too much of Cobra’s methods, the Baroness is then told by Cobra Commander that he has tricks within tricks and adds that cooperation among nations is dangerous to Cobra. The Baroness explains that the summit will be heavily guarded by the Joes, however, as the two ride along a moving walkway, Cobra Commander explains that the Joes will be guarding the wrong place.

Airtight, Cover Girl, Spirit, Thunder, Clutch, Recondo, Roadblock, Scarlett and several generic Joes guard the perimeter of the economic summit building and inside the building Lady Jaye asks how the delegates, who are yelling at one another, ever resolve anything. “They usually don’t,” Flint says. “They just blow off steam.” Lady Jaye replies, “Better than Cobra blowing them away.” Examining a list of the Joes and their locations, the Flint and Lady Jaye review their backup teams and find out that Quick Kick, Bazooka and their trainees in Hikato are available.

While the trainees perfect their shooting and hand-to-hand combat skills, Bazooka tiptoes to a trainee and grabs her shoulders, but she soon flips him onto the ground, removes her hood, bows and asks “Bazooka-san” how she performed. Bazooka gets up from the ground and tells her gruffly that the session is over. Quick Kick hops onto a log near Bazooka and tries to explain that his Western fighting style isn’t enough, but Bazooka quickly explains that punching is better than judo. When Bazooka walks away from his friend, Tako asks if she has injured Bazooka, but Quick Kick explains that he simply gave him a bump in the pride.

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