Enough is enough.
  -- Duke (after seeing part of the Cobra-produced show The Likeables)
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"Can't eat 'em, can't drink 'em, can't spend 'em."
- Buzzer (puzzled as to why Cobra should keep the Joes alive)

As the G.I.Joe convoy rumbles toward Fort Knox, Scarlett explains to Snake Eyes that there is over 60 billion dollars in gold inside the building, and with that much capital, she adds, Cobra Commander "wouldn't have to conquer the world - he could buy it." Inside a plush office at Fort Knox, General Stack rants on the phone that the Joes can just turn around because he has an entire mechanized division to protect his post from Cobra. As soon as he hangs up the phone, Duke enters the office, salutes and apologizes to the General that his orders are from Washington.

Still flustered over the presence of the Joes, General Stack leads Scarlett, Duke and Snake Eyes inside the Fort Knox in order to show him the gold and the troops as he explains that the walls are made of titanium alloy and are twenty feet thick. Duke and the other Joes leave, and Stack continues to rant that in his 30 years of service he has never seen such gross insubordination. Suddenly, a metal door on the floor slides open and a hand pulls General Stack underground.

Zartan, surrounded by the Dreadnoks, tells Stack to be quiet or his next sound will be his last. While Duke wonders why Cobra has not yet attacked Scarlett catches sight of Stack's troops marching out of the vault. As Duke, Scarlett and Snake Eyes run inside in order to confront Stack, Cobra's master of disguise, Zartan, rips away his mask of the General and dozens of Cobra agents appear and begin to shoot at the Joes. Inside the building, Cobras rush to the windows and begin to shoot at the Joes outside.

Ace tries to lead two other pilots to the Skystrikers, unfortunately, Wild Weasel destroys the Joes' planes with his squadron of Rattlers.

Duke and the other Joes are finally captured when Zartan closes off the only doorway to the outside. On the lawn of Fort Knox, the Joes' vehicles are quickly destroyed by the cannons on the fort. Sick of being on the defensive, Gung Ho yells to that they have to get inside, so he and Stalker rush forward, yell a boisterous "Yo Joe" and are joined by their friends, Mutt, Junkyard, Cover Girl, Zap, Short Fuse and Thunder.

While standing in a line, Cobra agents hand the gold to one another, down an opening on the floor and load a fork lift which carries the gold to the Cobra Bullet, a train that can obtain a speed of 200 miles per hour. Zartan adds that the train will carry the gold to the coast where a fleet of Cobra submarines will load the gold and ferry it away, leaving the United States "dead broke."

As Gung Ho and the other Joes stand in front of the door, Cover Girl suggests using a can opener to get inside. However, Thunder runs off and returns with his Mauler and blasts the door down. The vault is empty and the Joes are dumbfounded as to how the gold and their teammates were taken away. Junkyard sniffs the air and begins to bark so loud that the Joes cover their ears. Finally, Mutt's dog drags him by the leg and causes him to fall into the hatch in the floor that Zartan used earlier to capture General Stack.

Ripper asks Zartan why they need to drag the Joes with them and Torch suggests that they should simply "waste them." Zartan, however, explains to his three Dreadnoks that the Joes are their insurance policy.

The Joes climb down into the tunnel and begin race to the end. Wild Bill, who is inside his Dragonfly and hovering over the Cobra Bullet, radios Gung Ho about the presence of the Cobra train. The Joes sprint faster, but they arrive too late. Gung Ho chases the train and dives for the ladder on the last section of the train, however, he falls short and onto the ground.

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