You ever think about going into the fortune cookie business?
  -- Quick Kick (to Spirit after hearing a philosophical reply from the Joe)
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Writing Credits
· "Satellite Down"
· "Cobra Soundwaves"
· "Cobra Quake"
  TV & Movies
· Batman: The Animated Series: "Be a Clown" (co-written with Steve Hayes),
· G.I.Joe (DIC): "Revenge of the Pharoahs," "The Sludge Factor: Part II" (co-written with Steve Hayes), "The Sword" (co-written with Steve Hayes)
· Pocket Dragons: "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" (co-written with Francis Moss)
· Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Michaelangelo Toys Around" (co-written with Frances Moss), "Shredder's Mom" (co-written with Frances Moss), "Rondo In New York" (co-written with Frances Moss), "Super Hero for a Day" (co-written with Frances Moss), "What's Michaelangelo Good For?" (co-written with Frances Moss), "Splinter Vanishes" (co-written with Frances Moss), "Muckman Messes Up" (co-written with Frances Moss), "Zach and the Alien Invaders" (co-written with Frances Moss), "Shredder's New Sword" (co-written with Frances Moss), "Northern Lights Out" (co-written with Frances Moss)
· Buried Alive! And Other True Stories Scarier Than Fiction (Tom Doherty Associates, LLC)
· Cyber Surfers #2: Cyberspace Cowboy (Price Stern Sloan, 1995)
· Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #4 - The Pet (Pocket Paperback, 1994; co-written with Mel Gilden)
· Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #10 - Space Camp (Pocket Books)
· Trapped Beneath the Ice! And Other True Stories Scarier than Fiction, Vol. 1 (Tor Books)

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