Any time, baby, any time.
  -- Ace (in response to Wild Weseal's threat of revenge)
Home Staff Season Two

Sequence Directors Robert Alvarez, Warren Batchelder, Brad Case, Joan Case, Rudy Cataldi, Gerry Chiniquy, Charlie Downs, Lillian Evans, John Freeman, Milton Gray, Bob Kirk, Bill Knoll, Norm McCabe, Bob Matz, Joe Morrison, Maragaret Nichols, Karen Peterson, Tom Ray, Robert Shellhorn, Bob Treat and Neal Warner
Supervising Director
Ray Lee
Director's Assistants
Myrna Bushman and Lisa Wilson
Voice Talents Charlie Adler, Jack Angel, Liz Aubrey, Jackson Beck, Michael Bell, Greg Berger, Arthur Burghardt, Corey Burton, Bill Callaway, Peter Cullen, Brian Cummings, Pat Fraley, Hank Garret, Dick Gautier, Ed Gilbert, Dan Gilvezan, Dave Hall, Zack Hoffman, Kene Holiday, Jerry Houser, Chris Latta, Loren Lester, Mary McDonald Lewis, Morgan Lofting, Chuck McCann, Michael McConnohie, Rob Paulsen, Pat Pinney, Lisa Raggio, Bill Ratner, Hal Rayle, Bob Remus, Neil Ross, Will Ryan, Ted Schwartz, John Stevenson, BJ Ward, Lee Weaver, Frank Welker, Stan Wojno and Keoni Young
Voices Director
Wally Burr
Voice Recording Engineer
Joel Iwataki
Recording Coordinator
Ellen Burr
Educational Advisors Robert L. Selman, Ph. D., Harvard University
Anne P. Selman, M.A., Educational Consultant
Storyboard Artists
Pat Agnasin, Delfin Barras, Bill Barry, Norman Cabral, Kurt Conner, Jim Fletcher, Romeo Francisco, Adrian Gonzales, James L. Gomez, Warren Greenwood, Larry Houston, Boyd Kirkland, Sherman Labby, Doug Lefler, Frank Paur, Mario Piluso, Alan Shean, Jim Shull, Romeo Tanghal, Keith Tucker, Doug Vandegrift and Mike Vosburg
Main Title Designed by
Keith Tucker, Doug Vandegrift and Mike Vosburg
Model Design William Draught, Jim Fletcher, Lee Go, Russ Heath, John Koch, Carol Lundberg and Jim Willoughby
Background Design Dennis Venizelos, Robert Schaeffer, Andrew Phillipson, Jeff Richards and Fred Warter
Layout Artists Pat Agnasin, Eufronio R. Cruz, Lindsay Dawson, Romeo Francisco, Lee Go, Paul Gruwell, Ernie Guanlao, Boyd Kirkland, Alex Mann and Warren Marshall
Supervising Editor Steven C. Brown
Assistants to Supervising Editor
Larry Whelen and Rick Gehr
Effects Editors Jim Blodgett, Ted Chapman, Allison Cobb, Mike DePatie, John Detra, Karen Doulac, Ron Fedele, Lenny Geschke, Brad Gunther, Dave Hankins, Jerry Jacobson, Dick Raderman, Joe Sarocan, Warren Taylor, Mike Tomack, Peter Tomaszewicz, Sue Vovsi and Heather Elliot
Music Editors Richard Allen, Peter Collier, Bob Mayer, Robert Randles S.M.E and Mark Shiney
Dubbing Supervisors
Jacquie Freeman and John Hart
Telecine Supervisors
Sarah Swiskow and Andrew Golov
Post Production Supervisors
Eric Early and Steven Heth
Production Managers
Carole Weitzman and Jean Frye
Production Coordinators
Nellina Lombardo, Hildy Elliot and Francisca Stipicevic
Director of Production
Jim Graziano
Supervising Producers
Don Jurwich and Sam Weiss
Jim Duffy, Mark Glamack, Larry Houston, Alex Lovey, George Singer, John Walker, Dan Thompson
Title Song
Ford Kinder and Spencer Michlin
Music Composed and Conducted by Robert J. Walsh and Johnny Douglas
Story Editor
Buzz Dixon
Michael Charles Hill
Creative Director
Jay Bacal
Executive in
Charge of Production
Lee Gunther
Executive Producers
Joe Bacal, Margaret Loesch and Tom Griffin
Copyright 1986 Sunbow Productions, Inc.
Copyright 1986 Wildstar Music, Inc.
Copyright 1986 Starwild Music, Inc.
Copyright 1986 Hasbro, Inc.
Distributed by Claster Television Productions, a division of Hasbro, Inc.
Sunbow Productions - Marvel Productions Ltd.

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