Hey, my momma didnít raise no mountain goat.
  -- Wild Bill (to Alpine, who asked if the other Joes are going to follow him down a rocky cliff)
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Writing Credits
· "G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero"
· "G.I.Joe: The Revenge of Cobra"
· "The Pyramid of Darkness"
· "Arise, Serpentor, Arise"
· G.I.Joe: The Movie
  TV & Movies
· The Andy Griffith Show: "Mind Over Matter" (co-written with Pat McCormick), "Goober's Contest' (co-written with Pat McCormick)
· Barney Miller: "Snow Job"
· Bears (Disney; co-written with Tab Murphy and Steve Bencich)
· Bewitched: "The Joker is a Card," "How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help," "I Get Your Nanny, You Get My Goat"
· Bionic Six (1987): developed series *
· Charlie's Angels (1976): "The Kidnap Caper" *
· Dukes of Hazzard: "Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough" (story; script co-written with Bruce Howard, William Raynor & Myles Wilder)
· Fantastic Four: story editor; voice of Blastaar in "Behold the Negative Zone"
· Get Smart: "I'm Only Human" (co-written with Pat McCormick), "The Day Smart Turned Chicken"
· Gilligan's Island: "Up At Bat"
· Happy Days: "Cruisin'"
· Legend: "Fall of a Legend"
· Marathon (1980) *
· The Odd Couple: "Scrooge Gets an Oscar," "Lovers Don't Make House Calls," "Felix's Wife's Boyfriend," "Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto?," "Psychic, Shymcic," "The Murray Who Came to Dinner," "Last Tango in Newark"
· Starsky and Hutch: "Nightlight," "Dandruff," "Iron Mike," "Starsky & Hutch on Playboy Island," "Bloodbath" (co-written with Christopher Joy and Wanda Coleman)
· Transformers: The Movie (1986)
· Transformers (Season I & II): additional dialogue
· Wonder Woman: "Beauty On Parade"
· Zorro: "Water"

[ * Source: Internet Movie Database ]

· And Nothing But the Truth (George T. Bisel, 1995) [unconfirmed]

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