Very iffy.
  -- Xamot (examining Shipwreck's health after an intense interrogation session)
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Writing Credits
· "My Favorite Things"
· Associate Producer - Season I
  TV & Movies
· The All-New Popeye Hour (1978, TV series): writer & story developer *
· G.I.Joe (DIC): "Kindergarten Commandos," "Long Live Rock and Roll: Parts I & II," "Operation: Dragonfire - Parts I to V"
· He-Man: "Fisto's Forest," "Masks of Power," "Orko's Favorite Uncle," "Revenge is Never Sweet," "The Littlest Giant," "The Return of Orko's Uncle," "The Sleepers Awaken," "Valley of Power"
· Pocket Dragons: "Fine Feathered Frenzy," "Shmahz Strikes Again," "Thief in the Night," "Tree's A Crowd"
· Robotix: co-associate producer with Roger Slifer
· Spider Man and His Amazing Friends: "Seven Little Superheroes"
· Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Case of the Killer Pizzas"
· The Transformers: "Aerial Assault," "Atalantis, Arise!," "City of Steel," "A Decepticon in King Arthur's Court," "The Insecticon Syndrome," "Sea Change"
· The Visonaries: "The Power of the Wise," "The Price of Freedom," "Sorcery Sqauared"
· Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?: "Retribution - Part Two"

[ * Source: Internet Movie Database ]

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