What? No werewolves?
  -- Gung Ho (after a base commander tells the Joe not to scoff his country's legends)
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Writing Credits
· "Battle for the Train of Gold"
· "The Viper is Coming"
· "The Great Alaskan Land Rush"
· "Sink the Montana"
· "Raise the Flagg!"
· Alien Worlds #9 (Eclipse)
· Tales of Terror (EC Comics)
  TV & Movies
· Beauty and the Beast: "The Rest is Silence" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Beauty and the Beast (1987, series writer) *
· Beyond Reality: "Let's Play House" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll) **
· Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: "Return of the Fighting 69th"
· Captain Power: "Faces of Darkness" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Capitol (series writer) **
· Cliffhangers (series writer) **
· Diagnosis Murder: producer; "Alienated" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll),
· Diagnosis Murder: "Discards" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Fatal Impact" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Murder at the Finish Line" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Murder Times Four" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Murder on the Hour" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Promises to Keep" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Trash TV" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· F/X: "Evil Eye" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· G.I.Joe (DIC): "Victory at Volcania: Parts One and Two," "D-Day at Alcatraz: Parts One and Two"
· Hypernauts: "Gone to Meet the Maker" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Into the Dark So Deep" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Knight Rider: "The Deadly Prize" (unproduced) **
· Martial Law: supervising producer; "This Shogun for Hire" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Call of the Wild" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "Honor Among Strangers" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Murder She Wrote (staff writer)
· The New Adventures of He-Man: "Skeletor's Revenge" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll), "A Plague on Primus" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· The New Twilight Zone: "If She Dies"
· Peter Pan and the Pirates (staff writer) **
· Phantom 2040: "Swifter, Higher, Faster" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Space Precinct: co-head writer with J. Larry Carroll; "Double Duty," "The Snake," "Deadline," "Seek and Destroy," "Takeover" (all co-written with J. Larry Carroll) **
· Spenser: For Hire: "The Long Hunt," "Mary Hamilton"
· Star Trek: The Next Generation: co-story editor with J. Larry Carroll during fourth season; "Future Imperfect" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Stargate SG-1: "Hathor" (co-created story by J. Larry Carroll)
· Super Mario Brothers Super Show: "Brooklyn Bound," "Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...?," "Elvin Lives," "The Great Gold Coin Rush," "20,000 Koopas Under The Sea" (all co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "The Case of the Hot Kimono", "Super Bebop and Mighty Rocksteady," "The Turtle Terminator", "Turtles, Turtles Everywhere" (all co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Tekwar: "Alter Ego," "Deadline," "Zero Tolerance" (all co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Thundercats: "Leah" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Vortech (co-developed and co-edited series with J. Larry Carroll)
· Walker, Texas Ranger: "Iceman" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)
· Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego: "A Date with Cameron - Part 2" (co-written with J. Larry Carroll)

[ Sources: * Internet Movie Database & ** Jim Rondeau]

· No Power on Earth (Medallion, 1986)
· Graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in 1973
· Credited as "David Bennett Carren" and "David Carren"
· Nominated for a Writers Guild Award in 1983 for Capitol

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