Have the harpies of the shore come to pluck the eagle of the sea?
  -- Admiral Lattimer (to Admiral Overton and General Hawk after the USS Montana docks)
Home Staff Dave Marconi

Writing Credits
· "Grey Hairs and Growing Pains" (co-written with Flint Dille)
  TV & Movies
· Enemy of the State: script
· Mission Impossible II: uncredited co-writer
· The Harvest (1992): director
· Agent 13 and the Acolytes of Darkness (TSR, co-written with Flint Dille)
· Agent 13: The Midnight Avenger #1: The Invisible Empire (TSR, co-written with Flint Dille)
· Agent 13: The Midnight Avenger #2: The Serpentine Assassin (TSR, co-written with Flint Dille)
· Agent 13: Back-to-Back Adventure Novel - Books 3 & 4 (TSR, co-written with Flint Dille)
· So You Want to Be a Screenwriter: How to Face the Fears and Take the Risks (wrote Chapter 12: Digging for the Truth)
· According to ScreenTalk.com, Marconi "cut his teeth watching Francis Ford Coppola direct both The Outsiders and Rumblefish. 'I worked for Coppola as his assistant and it was an incredible experience, kind of like my grad school, and I got to see how he would get performances out of the actors and it gave me a grounding as far as the craft was concerned.'"
· Per Premiere.com: "James Cameronís Deadline, a project about terrorists taking over a commercial aircraft, is now in limbo at Twentieth Century Fox [after the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks], which also froze the cyberterrorist project WW3.com. Written by David Marconi (Enemy of the State) more than two years ago, WW3.com features a Boeing 767 crashing down Broadway and into Central Park during a Simon & Garfunkel concert. "The NSA [National Security Agency] told me how vulnerable the [U.S.] infrastructure is," Marconi says. "They were looking for a good film to shake the public up in an effort to cut loose more financing to shore up some of the vulnerable places. They wanted a good scare film. Obviously, they donít need that kind of scare film anymore."

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