Need a lift, sweetheart?!
  -- Flint (before rescuing Lady Jaye in a Cobra FANG)
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Writing Credits
· "Countdown for Zartan"
· "Synthoid Conspiracy - Parts I & II"
· "Captives of Cobra - Parts I & II"
· Alien Encounters #2 (Eclipse)
· Conan Saga #28, 29 (Marvel)
· Eclipse Monthly #6-8 (Eclipse)
· Fusion #14, 15 (Eclipse)
· Red Sonja #1, 2 (Marvel)
· Savage Sword of Conan #45 (Marvel)
· Sisterhood of Steel #1-8 (Marvel/Eclipse)
· Sisterhood of Steel Graphic Novel (Eclipse)
· Elfquest Reader's Collection #9a: Wolfrider! (Warp Graphics)
  TV & Movies
· Babylon 5 (1994): "Grail"
· Beast Wars: "Transmutate"
· Bucky O'Hare: wrote six episodes
· Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (1987): story editor *
· Captain Simiam and the Space Monkeys
· Conan the Adventurer: story editor; wrote two episodes
· Dark Stalkers: wrote two episodes
· Fantastic Four: series writer
· G.I.Joe (DIC): "BIOK," "The Mind Mangler"
· He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002): "Buzz Off's Pride"
· Hypernauts (1996): executive story editor *
· Jem: "The Beginning," "Disaster," "Kimberís Rebellion," "Frame Up," "The Battle Of The Bands," "Starbright Part 1 - Falling Star," "Starbright Part 2 - Colliding Star," "Starbright Part 3 - Rising Star," "The Music Awards - Part 1," "The Music Awards - Part 2," "The Princess And The Singer" (co-written with Ellen Guon), "The Jem Jam - Part 1," "The Jem Jam - Part 2," "Glitter and Gold," "The Talent Search - Part 1," "The Talent Search - Part 2," "KJEM," "Britrock," "The Stingers Hit Town - Part 1," "The Stingers Hit Town - Part 2," "A Change Of Heart," "A Father Should Be...;" worked in development for 65 episodes; story editor for second and third season
· Journey to the Centre of the Earth (co-written with Randy Littlejohn)
· Lost Continent: "Dreams of Conquerors"
· Mighty Max: "Good Golly Ms. Kali" (co-written with Katherine Lawrence), "Year of the Rat" (co-written with Katherine Lawrence)
· Pocket Dragons: "Clockwork Berserk," "Mortal Wombat"
· Kong: "Reborn" (co-written with Randy Littlejohn)
· Reboot: "The Edge of Beyond," "Icons," "Return of the Crimson Binome"
· The Roswell Conspiracies: "Conspiracy Revealed" (co-written with Randy Littlejohn)
· The Secret of Mu Lan (1998, United American Video; co-written with Katherine Lawrence)
· Spider-Man (1981, TV series): writer
· Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: "The Fantastic Mr. Frump," "A Firestar is Born," "Spidey Goes Hollywood," "Sunfire," "Videoman"
· Stargate Infinity: "Mother of Invention" (co-written with Randy Littlejohn)
· Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: series writer
· Ultimate Book of Spells: "Coat-of-Arms" (co-written with Randy Littlejohn)
· War Planets: "On The Rocks," "Wolf In The Fold," "Rock and Ruin," "Worlds Within Worlds," "Divided We Stand," "Death of a King"
· X-Men: Evolution: "Spykecam" (script co-written with Randy Littlejohn; story co-created by Randy Littlejohn and Rick Ungar)
· What Waits Below (1984, movie) *

[ * Source: Internet Movie Database ]

  Books & Video Games
· Admiral Grace Hopper (Rosen Publishers, 2003)
· Babylon 5 Space Combat Simulator (design & writing)
· Battlevision (Tiger Electronics; co-written with Katherine Lawrence)
· Conquests of Camelont: The Search for the Grail (Sierra On-Line; awarded "Best Computer Adventure Game of 1990" by VideoGames and Computer Entertainment magazine and Game Player's "Excellence Award")
· Coquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood (Sierra On-Line; voted "Best Adventure Game of 1992" by Computer Game Review and Enchanted Realms)
· Earth and Beyond (EA/Westwood Studios)
· Jet Li (Rosen Publishers, Feb. 2002)
· The Legend of Alon D'Ar (Stormfront Studios/UbiSoft; writer)
· Lord of the Rings (EA/Stormfront Studios)
· Tales of the Crystals (Milton-Bradley; script for audio cassette game)
· Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus (Studio Gigante; writer)
· Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Escape from Dimension X (Random House/Happy House Group; co-written with David Weiss)
· Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Return of the Shredder (Random House/Happy House Group; co-written with David Weiss)
· Edutainment game prototype for Broderbund; based on an original concept and design
· Game design consultation for Microsoft, Fujitsu and InterWorks
· Official website:
· Biography:
· Interviews:, The Power Base &

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