Remember: a cobra is a snake and 'snake' is 'sneak' spelled sideways.
  -- Flint (radioing Duke while escorting the laser cannon to Joe headquarters)
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Writing Credits
· "Where the Reptiles Roam" (co-written with Gerry Conway),
· "Spell of the Siren" (co-written with Gerry Conway)
· "Cobra CLAWs are Coming to Town" (co-wrote script with Gerry Conway)
· "Million Dollar Medic" (co-written with Gerry Conway)
· "Second Hand Emotions" (co-written with Gerry Conway)
· Firestorm #22 (Marvel)
· Jem: "Homeland, Heartland"
· The Transformers: "Forever is a Long Time Coming" (co-written with Gerry Conway), "Money is Everything" (co-written with Gerry Conway)
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