Holiday blues, I guess...
  -- Duke (responding Tripwire's question about the cause of Mutt's depression)
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· "Twenty Questions"
· "Haul Down the Heavens"
· "Lights! Camera! Cobra!"
· "The Traitor - Parts I & II"
· "Once Upon a Joe"
· "My Brother's Keeper"
· "The Most Dangerous Thing in the World"
· "Sins of our Fathers" (script; story by Steve Gerber)
· "Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep (co-written with Michael Charles Hill)
· G.I.Joe: The Movie (story consultant)
· Story Editor - Season I
· Supervising Story Editor - Season II
· 13: Assassin #7 (TSR)
· Aladdin #8 (Disney/Marvel, 1995-96)
· Alien Encounters #2 (Eclipse, 1987-88)
· Buck Rogers #1-8 (TSR, 1988-91)
· Destroyer Duck #5-7 (Eclipse)
· Disney Comic Hits! #6 (Marvel)
· NFL Superpro #6 (Marvel)
· Penthouse Comix (General Media, 1995): editor
· R.I.P. #3 (TSR)
· Tales of Terror (Eclipse, 1987-88)
· Ultraverse Premiere #10 (Malibu)
· Warhawks: Battle of Britain #2, 3 (TSR)
· Warhawks #2-4 (TSR)
· Warhawks 2050 #1-5 (TSR)
  TV & Movies
· Batman (1992, 1997): series writer
· Conan the Adventurer: “Conan the Gladiator”
· Dark Planet *
· Dungeons and Dragons: "Quest of the Skeleton Warrior"
· Rescue Rangers: "Flash the Wonder Dog" (created story, script co-written with David Wise)
· Freedom Force: "The Robot"
· G.I.Joe Extreme: story editor; "A Summoning of Heroes"
· Goldie Gold and Action Jack: series writer
· Jem: "One Jem Too Many," "Straight From The Heart"
· My Little Pony - The Movie: associate story consultant *
· Orbots
· Precious Moments (1993-1995)
· Stuck On You (1990, short film, UCLA Extension): writer/producer/director
· Sunbright and Starlight: series writer
· Superman (1989): "Cybron Strikes," "Night of the Living Shadows"
· Tarzan & The Super 7: wrote the segments featuring Manta & Moray, Web Woman, SuperStretch & MicroWoman
· Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Enter the Rat King"
· Thundarr the Barbarian: series writer; “Treasure of the Moks”
· Tiny Toons (1991): wrote the first Bat Duck parody; “B Flat or C Sharp?”
· The Transformers: associate producer (season III); "Carnage in C-Minor," "The God Gambit," "Prime Target" (co-written with Flint Dille)
· Terror in Paradise (1995, an Oppenheimer/Concorde movie; co-written with Ron Sellz)
· Visionaries: "Feryl Steps Out," "Horn of the Unicorn, Claw of the Dragon," "Lion Hunt"

[ * Source: Internet Movie Database ]

· The Chipmunks in Alvin's Big Ideas: A Treasury of Chipmunk Stories
· The 27th Pan Book of Horror Stories (Pan Books, 1986)
  Interactive Media
· RollerBall (Ground Zero, 1999): co-writer
· Terror Trax (Ground Zero/TSR/Collier, 1995): associate producer/co-writer
· Red Steel (Ground Zero/TSR, 1994): associate producer/co-writer
· Hail the Heroes (Ground Zero/TSR, 1994): interactive director/associate producer
· Most Recent Position: Vice President of Creative Affairs, Stan Lee Media, Encino, CA (1999)
· Short fiction has appeared in National Lampoon, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine and many other periodicals
· His short story, "The Angry Dead," was selected as one of the best horror stories of 1990
· Interivewed for article

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