It takes a strong stomach to watch me eat.
  -- Cobra Commander (to Destro, who interrupts Cobra Commander's meal)
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Booth, Doug
Bornstein, Beth
Carren, David
Conway, Carla
Conway, Gerry
Dagenais, Tom
Dille, Flint
Dini, Paul
DiStefano, Dan
DiVono, Sharman
Dixon, Buzz
Friedman, Ron
Gerber, Steve
Glut, Donald F.
Hill, Michael Charles
Houston, Larry
Kent, Gordon
Marconi, Dave
Marx, Christy
Merwin, Rick
Mitchell, Steve
O'Neil, Dennis
Parr, Rebecca
Pasko, Martin
Pedersen, Ted
Pegal, Alfred A.
Petty, Barbara
Ringwald, Kimmer
Ross, Stanley Ralph
Schwartz, David
Skrenes, Mary
Slifer, Roger
Thomas, Dan
Thomas, Roy
Ward, James M.
Weber, Chris
Williams, Susan K.
Willson, Karen
Wolfman, Marv

They introduced us to mythology, they parodied the world, they created stories with daring heroes and fascinating villains and while others in their profession haphazardly assembled recycled tales, they wrote tales that contained a wonderful mix between fast-paced, action-packed scenes and levels of humor that adult and younger audiences could enjoy for different reasons.

They were the writers, and they were such fantastically powerful storytellers that the G.I.Joe toys were not just another product line on the shelf but pieces of tangible magic because they were a physical reminder of a viewer's favorite episodes and characters.

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