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The writers' guide was created to introduce writers to the world of Sunbow's G.I.Joe series - from business procedures, story style (format, subject matter, etc.), character relationships, violence/forbidden topics and many other areas.

Below are some notes about the Writers' Guide (NB: page numbers refer to the PDF file):

· The series format was described as a James Bond movie for kids; the "tone is light - sometimes tongue-in-cheek - but it should never descend into camp" according to page 7
· Buzz Dixon noted on page 14 that Cobra should be patterned after the Early Roman Empire; "the only way to ensure peace and human progress is to conquer the world and completely dominate it"
· Although Cover Girl and Thunder were described as romantically linked on page 15, the two were never together in the episodes
· The Briefing Book mentioned on page 16 is a book that collects the character and weapon model designs
· Page 19 includes the original and revised names for a number of characters and vehicles; for example, Xamot's original name was Tovam while his brother, Tomax, was origianlly called Movat and the Stinger name was changed to the Firebat
Please note that three phone numbers were blacked out on page 3 to ensure that no one's privacy is disturbed.

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