I donít know, but I ainít eating it until I find out.
  -- Low-Light (to Sci Fi while looking at an unidentifiable part of their meal)
Home Interviews Larry Hama (conducted by Rod Hannah of Zartan's Domain in July 1998)

On July 10th, Larry Hama made it known he had been contacted by an as-yet-unnamed party about writing a new G.I.Joe comic, continuing from where the original title left off in 1994. I had planned for some time to conduct my own interview with Larry, but with this event I felt a need to get that interview underway, with the addition of questions with regards to the new comic possibility. The first half of this mammoth interview - I'd guess it's one of the biggest ones available with Larry on the 'net - is mainly with regards to his work and life outside of G.I.Joe. The second half, we get more into the fan side of things and a little about G.I.Joe. In the final third part, we talk a little about "a new Joe comic" as well as G.I.Joe trivia.

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

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