R-i-i-i-ght. And Iím Dr. Footloose and thatís Dusty up there. Heís just an intern.
  -- Footloose (to Dr. Winters, who wishes to be called "Doctor Winters")
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CBGBs - January 1993
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"Dead Philosophers"
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"We Can Fly"
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The K-Otics Band Members
M.D. Bright - bass
Steve Buzbee - drums, vocals
Gary Hallgren - sax, vocals
Larry Hama - guitar, vocals
Brick Mason - vocals, trumpet, harp
Jim Olbrys - guitar, vocals
Tony Steers - accordian
Concert Flyers
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25 kb
160 kb
111 kb

All songs are copyrighted by Larry Hama and shared with his permission - so enjoy the music!

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