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  -- Cobra robot consignor (to the Joes after introducing the Cobra Cuties)
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Trying to infuse two-dimensional characters with a three-dimensional personality and writing an appealing story are two chores that most comic book writers struggle to master in their craft. Larry Hama, however, dealt with several challenges while writing Marvel's G.I.Joe series: weaving an intriguing story based on a toyline, incorporating the new figures and vehicles in the tale year after year and creating appealing characters that influence the reader to purchase the toys. How was this Herculean task accomplished?

In the eyes of this fan, with tact and tactics.

The storytelling genius of Larry Hama shines the brightest with the elegant characterization of Snake Eyes, a masked and nearly mute member of the G.I.Joe team. By developing Snake Eyes as a man with a past shrouded in mystery, Hama established a literary doorway which he used to introduce several new toy-based characters, like Storm Shadow, Jinx, Zartan and Firefly. As the pasts of Snake Eyes, Destro and other characters were slowly revealed during the course of the 155 issue series, Hama was able to build a web of relationships that contained threads of revenge, love, loyalty and betrayal, and these elements appealed to the literary side of the fan.

Of course, the idea that a G.I.Joe member was somehow connected to a Cobra agent was not the only reason the G.I.Joe storyline was entertaining. The central theme of the comic was good versus evil, and many of the issues were filled with moments from a battle. Unlike some of the other toy-based comics, which were short-lived because the writers created stories that were filled with one dull battle after another, the portrayal of the struggle between the Joes and Cobras was enriched with Larry's knowledge of military terms and strategies. Plus, with the addition of numerous touches of realism and the occasional black comedy moment, the issues that contained panels of fighting were just as interesting as the issues with character and plot development. As a result, the comic book series attracted thousands of action-adventure fans.

Larry Hama's G.I.Joe stories demonstrated his ability to blend creativity, commercialism and classic literature references into an incredible tale that appealed to many types of fans, and new adventures from his imagination are sorely missed by this fan.

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