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G.I.Joe: The Movie
Release Date:
Geo Milda - Geo01
Japan (NTSC)
· G.I.Joe: The Movie (~1 hour 33 minutes 14 seconds)
· credits for the Japanese video production team (38 seconds)

· The audio track was dubbed in Japanese
· The images in the right column on the back of the cover are from "G.I.Joe and the Golden Fleece"
· Ron Friedman was credited as the writer, however, this is historically inaccurate; Buzz Dixon wrote the script
· The cover was recreated; the original version of the artwork appeared in the following videos: CHE - 3010, CHE - 3228, CHE - 6055, Rhino - The Movie (VHS), Rhino - The Movie (DVD), CFP - 12220, CFP - 12241, FHE and an Australian bootleg; the original artwork was recreated for the following videos: Maverick - SWV1003, Tempo - V9135 and Tempo - V91352

Thanks to Teppei "Ricochet" Kondo for helping me acquire this video

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