I know someone I’d like to put in a wheelchair.
  -- Wet-Suit (to Leatherneck after Shipwreck berates them)
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Credits: written by Martin Pasko

Production Number: 600-27

Original Airdate: November 4, 1985

Steeler is ready to resign from the team. He’s come to believe that the Joe/Cobra battle will never be won by either side - and that, in the end, it might not matter who wins; one way or the other, the world will go on. Then a weird Cobra weapon accidentally opens a rift between dimensions - and Steeler, along with a number of his teammates, is hurled into an alternate universe where the unthinkable has become reality. The U.S. government has fallen, G.I.Joe has been defeated, and Cobra rules the world!

G.I.Joe: Clutch, Grunt, Steeler, Lady Jaye, Flint, Barbecue, Airtight, Footloose, Cutter Cobra: Buzzer, Torch, Ripper, Zartan, Copperhead, the Baroness, Tele-Viper, Cobra agents, Cobra Commander, Destro
G.I.Joe: Mauler, Armadillo, Falcon glider, WHALE, AWE Striker, APC, Sky Hawk, Silver Mirage motorcycle Cobra: Viper glider, Stinger, CLAW, HISS, Rattler, Water Moccasin

Because of Sgt. Slaughter's introduction during the beginning of the USA Network's version of the episode, Martin Pasko was not credited as the show's writer.

While the shows are shopping for motorcycles, Grunt asks in a surprise voice, “The weather domina -?” But Flint raises his hand in the shape of a ‘C.’ Flint's hand gesture could be interpreted as a sign for "Cobra" or "clam up."

The special effects sound of the Martian weapons from the 1950s Paramount film The War of the Worlds was sampled as the Joes combined their lasers to cut into one of the walls at Joe headquarters. After the rubble falls and buries a Tele-Viper, the first instance of words scrolling across the Cobra agent's visor is seen.

The episode was released with the second part of the episode by Kid Rhino video as volume one.

In an extreme longshot, Layla is not wearing pants but a pair of shorts. Was Sunbow forced to re-ink her legs or was the left image inked by some daring employee?

Steeler: Zartan? Nope. Ain’t see hide nor hair nor him. We’re just freezin’ our tosies off out here for nothin’. I’m tellin’ you, Lady Jaye, being a G.I.Joe is ruining my life. You don't have time for nothin’ else. Why do you think I ain't got a girlfriend no more. She got sick o’ worrin’ about me all the time - that’s why.
Clutch: Aw, put a sock in it, will you already, Steeler?
Lady Jaye: Yeah, motion seconded. We’ve all had to make sacrifices to -
Steeler: Yeah, I know, but I still say this one’s a wild goose ch- waitaminute! Bogies comin’ up fast!
Time: 35 seconds


Grunt: The sun’s so bright!
Time: 23 seconds


Breaker: Hanrahan, Timothy P. Code-name: Blowtorch. Hauser, Conrad S. Code-name: Duke.
Time: 10 seconds

Original: To solve an argument, Cutter suggests an unbiased judge to mediate.
USA: Deep Six explains that you should climb out of a lake when rain begins to fall or you could be electrocuted by lightning.


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