What?! Just because we’re outnumbered twenty to one?
  -- Gung Ho (after Dusty mentions that they could be in trouble)
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"In good time, you say? No time in prison is good."
- Cobra Commander (to Destro, who explained to Major Bludd they will eventually rescue Cobra's leader)

The Joes chase the Cobras, but Zartan and the Dreadnoks release a smokescreen. As a result, the Joes lose Zartan and his crew in the swamp.

After Major Bludd radios Destro that the Joes are over the Pit of Chaos, Destro creates a lethal lightning storm with fierce winds. Sensing something might go wrong, Flint orders Scarlett to take her squadron out so that if something bad does happen, they won't all "buy the farm." And while Flint, Roadblock, Junkyard and Mutt are caught in the storm, Scarlett and her squad retreat.

The Cobra's custom transport plane lands and the laser core, Duke and Snake Eyes are removed from the plane, but as the two Joes try to escape, they are captured again by Cobra agents.

Destro attaches the laser core to his weather dominator and explains to Major Bludd that when connected to the water vapor control mechanism of the hydro-master and electro magnetic capabilities of the ionizing correlator the weather dominator can affect the weather in any part of the world. As Major Bludd asks Destro about rescuing the Cobra Commander, Destro dismisses the idea and tells him that they will rescue the commander in good time. "In good time, you say? No time in prison is good," Cobra Commander remarks as he disembarks from the helicopter.

As Destro learns that Zartan and his Dreadnoks helped the commander escape, he tells Cobra Commander that the shape-shifter and his mercenaries have no loyalty to Cobra's cause. But Cobra Commander tosses three bags of gold coins into the air and two are caught by Zartan while the remaining bag falls to the ground, causing the coins to scatter. While the Dreadnoks scramble like kids to grab as many coins as possible, Cobra Commander switches from his battle helmet to his cowl and occupies all the television and radio waves.

In the communication room at G.I.Joe headquarters, Sparks tries to find a signal from the missing Joes, however, he finds Cobra Commander raving about the Cobra Empire's new weapon, the weather dominator, and a demonstration of its destructive potential. Upon seeing Cobra's weapon, Clutch gravely says to the Joes, "He's not fooling around." After Cobra Commander demands the surrender of the world, Scarlett tells the Joes that they need to do something. "Yeah, but what?" asks Sparks. "I don't know yet. But I do know that Duke and Flint would want us to keep punching - no matter what!"

In the Pit of Chaos, Flint calls out for Roadblock, Junkyard and Mutt. But no one responds. Inside the Cobra Temple, Destro introduces to Zartan and Cobra Commander his latest genetic creation, a vine with that grows and strangles everything in sight when given a drop of water. Destro explains that the entire pit has been seeded with the vines, which should finish off any Joes who survived the crash.

And while Flint marches through the darkened valley, several vines grab him by his neck and begin to choke him.

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