Unbelievable! And I thought you were weird!
  -- Sgt. Slaughter (to Sci Fi after walking into a science fiction convention)
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"Don't tell me you're the little ol' Viper."
- Scarlett (to Destro after she is captured inside an elevator)

Outside the Extensive Enterprises Tower, Scarlett stands in front of Barbecue and Snake Eyes and radios Wild Bill, who is hovering around the tower in a Dragonfly, for a status report, listens to the Joe cowboy explain all is well, and she then turns to explain to Barbecue that Extensive Enterprises Tower is the tallest building in the world so no one else has topped their top floor.

Inside the tower, Destro slams Major Bludd onto a desk in a ransacked office and tells the Australian agent that he is the most likely candidate for the Viper, but Major Bludd objects since he was almost captured by the Joes. Tomax and Xamot support Major Bludd's position by providing an alibi and explain to Destro, who turns to the twins and threatens to charge them as the traitorous Viper, that they cannot be the Viper since the loss of man-hours and finances building a recreation base make the idea of tipping off the Joes seem quite ludicrous.

Scarlett, Snake Eyes and Barbecue enter the building and while the Joes on the ground are left in Roadblock's care. As the three Joes travel to the eightieth floor, gas is pumped into the elevator and the Joes are knocked out. Breaker tells Roadblock that something has gone wrong so Roadblock leads the generic Joe forces into the building. A guard rips off his mask, reveals himself as Zartan and welcomes the Joes to two wings of armed Cobra agents, who are appear after two panels on the walls are raised.

Roadblock radios Wild Bill that they have entered the building and Wild Bill is soon attacked by three FANGs that fly out of a hidden harbor on the side of the tower. Scarlett awakens and with her best Southern accent she asks Destro, "Don't tell me you're the little ol' Viper." Destro grunts a "no" and orders the other Cobra agents to disarm the Joes.

Wild Bill flies ahead of his adversaries, rotates 180 degrees and shoots a FANG from the sky, but another FANG catches up with Wild Bill and fires a rocket. However, Wild Bill moves out of the rocket's path and the rocket destroys the window and wall of the office where Destro interrogates the three Joes.

Barbecue grabs Destro's gun and when Cobra arms dealer orders Barbecue to drop the gun, Snake Eyes leaps forth and punches Destro to the ground. Tomax begins to shoot into the smoke and Barbecue hits Tomax's hand. A bookcase swivels and Cobra troops pour into the room with guns blazing.

Alpine and Footloose climb up to the top floor and a Cobra FANG attacks them. The rope is hit and Alpine quickly climbs up the rope before it snaps. Wild Bill shoots down the FANG and asks if his teammates need any help. Footloose says they have everything under control and the rope snaps but Alpine catches him as he hangs on the remaining good part of the rope. Wild Bill laughs and radios back that it appears that they do indeed have the situation in hand.

Scarlett, Barbecue and Snake Eyes continue to battle Cobra and Scarlett tells Barbecue that they really could use some help. Suddenly, Footloose and Alpine burst through a window and the Joes' newest climber tells Scarlett, "All you had to do was ask." Tomax, Xamot, Major Bludd and Destro retreat via an escape shaft.

More generic Joes join Recondo and Roadblock on the first floor and the Cobra agents surrender as soon as Zartan announces that he never surrenders and blends with the background on the walls.

On the top floor, Barbecue explains to Scarlett that neither the captured Cobra agent nor the top Cobra leaders know the identity of the Viper, and Scarlett wonders if the Viper even knows who he is.

Barbecue, Scarlett, Duke, Flint, Roadblock, Snake Eyes and Footloose watch the red phone and patiently wait for it to ring, and as soon as it rings, Barbecue walks forward, picks the phone up from its carriage and is told that the Viper will arrive at today at noon and that he should be ready.

FLAKs, stacked sandbags and several armed Joes surround the firehouse, and an elderly man walks toward the Joes and asks for Mr. Barbecue. The Joe hops down from the seat of a FLAK and introduces himself. The elderly man tells him: "I am the viper. I've come to vipe you vindows. Five-seventy five an hour. I start on West corner, top floor first."

Realizing the "Viper" is actually a window wiper, Barbecue points to the old man and laughs softly, and the situation is so absurd that all of the Joes are immediately laughing as well.

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