This is going to be fun.
  -- Zartan (while watching a trolley race towards three Joes frozen on the tracks)
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"Don't look at me. I've had it with red phones today."
- Barbecue (to Scarlett after fighting Cobra in Antarctica and at West Point)

Ace flies toward four Firebats while the four accompanying Skystrikers dive to the ground and pound the Cobra forces. After the Joes capture the Cobra Polar Troops, Scarlett leads Roadblock, Alpine, Bazooka, Spirit and dozens of generic Joes run down the main corridor of the base and as they enter the weight room, Scarlett fires one shot and demands that the Cobra agents surrender. They immediately drop their guns and place their hands in the air.

As the Cobra soldiers are led out of the room, Scarlett tells the Joes that the situation doesn't make sense. After all, why would Cobra send the Joes a message about a recreation base. The manager tells Scarlett that Cobra would never tell the Joes anything and calls them "spoilsports."

Flint, Gung Ho and Roadblock lounge on the couches and when the phone rings Barbecue picks up the phone and learns that viper will start at the west corner.

At West Point Military Academy, Scarlett explains to Roadblock that the Viper's clue, the word "corner," could be translated as point, and with so many high-ranking brass in the stands, Scarlett expresses her worry that Cobra may attempt to attack the academy. Deciding to have a chat with one of the tank jockies she looks up and finds out that Major Bludd is in the driver's seat in one of the tanks. He takes a couple of shots at the Joes and as they turn to retreat, Major Bludd orders the Cobra troops in the other tanks to roll forward and capture Senator Robbins and General Grant.

Scarlett and Roadblock leap onto Footloose's AWE Striker and several AWE Strikers rush forward in an attempt to cut off the advance of Major Bludd's tank. Graduating cadets scatter as the tanks approach, and with Footloose at the wheel, Roadblock is able to hang on the side of an AWE Striker and drop a grenade between the tread of Major Bludd's tank.

The grenade’s explosion rips the tracks apart and the following tanks pile into one another. Scarlett orders the AWE Strikers to circle around the tanks and as the Joes cruise around Cobra, Major Bludd tells himself that he now knows how Custard felt.

A Cobra footsoldier shoots out the tire of an AWE Striker and Footloose tries to avoid the wrecked AWE Striker, but as he swerves it Scarlett and Roadblock are thrown from the vehicle. Before a Cobra agent can shoot Scarlett, she awakens and tells him in a playful voice, "Oh, look out behind you." Asking if she expects him to fall for "that old gag," a cadet tackles the Cobra agent to the ground. She compliments him and he salutes her smartly and adds, "Our pleasure, ma'am."

Scarlett jumps into the fray and begins to swat aside several Cobra troops. One cadet watches her, smiles and says in an impressed voice, "Wow, that's some kind of soldier!" The cadets standing around the fight raise their fists in the air, shout "YO JOE" and proceed to clobber several Cobras.

Roadblock demands that Cobra surrender, however, a Cobra officer replies that they don't have to since they outnumber the Joes ten to one. "Would you believe fifty to one?" asks Scarlett. Behind her, hundreds of cadets ready their rifles and Cobra surrenders at the count of five. The crowds in the stands cheer and Major Bludd escapes by slipping into the smoke of the battle.

Scarlett and Barbecue try to relax at the fire station, however, the red phone rings again. "Don't look at me," Barbecue tells Scarlett. "I've had it with red phones today." Scarlett picks up the phone and learns that the Viper will start on the top floor, and when she demands to know his identity, the man on the phone replies, "I am the Viper."

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