Like what? A Snake of the Month club?
  -- Beach Head (after Mainframe discovers that Cobra has a mail-order business)
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"You know me."
- Flint (after Lady Jaye tells his to be careful)

Cross Country tells the Joes to pinch him since he sees a desert mirage, however, a car behind the Thundermachine is real and Ripper and Torch are knocked off their bikes due to two rods that extend from the car's wheels.

Burke, who is driving the car, chases the Thundermachine, races in front of it and then activates a smokescreen.

Circling the Joes, Burke climbs out of his car, offers to tow the Armadillo and then introduces himself.

Burke hooks the Armadillo to his car and then offers Lady Jaye a ride inside his air-conditioned vehicle. After she accepts, they drive away and Zartan walks out of the smoke while cursing it.

Inside a cave, Lady Jaye explains that she is unable to fix the Armadillo due to a lack of light and Burke then enters the cave with a flare he found in his car.

Lady Jaye thanks Burke for his thoughtfulness. He then notes that she has a bit of a smudge on her face while he pulls out a handkerchief. Lady Jaye tells him an embarrassed voice that she must look like a mess. However, Burke cheerfully tells her that a dab of grease looks as good as rouge when it is on her. Flint interrupts and states that they should get back to work. Burke states he is merely trying to help out, but Flint pointedly asks, “Is that what you call it?”

Sitting around a fire, the Joes and Burke are told by Flint that one them must complete the mission no matter what happens. Lady Jaye stands up and explains she will take the first shift on guard duty while the others sleep. Burke offers to take her place, but Lady Jaye explains he has already been more than helpful. As Lady Jaye walks to the cave’s entrance, she tells Burke, “Good night, Matt.” Flint then angrily asks about Burke's identity, however, the secret agent merely states that he is an ally in the Joes’ fight against Cobra. Pouring a cup of coffee for Lady Jaye, Burke tells Flint that he will take the second watch and carries the cup to Lady Jaye while Flint almost suppresses a half-growl.

While the Joes are asleep, Burke picks up the box and sneaks out of the cave, and Flint wakes up in time to watch him leave in his car. After the other Joes wake up and watch Burke leave, they all catch sight of Zartan flying above them in a Dreadnok Swampfire.

Zartan fires at the Joes with the Swampfire’s gun, but they retreat into the cave and place a massive boulder at the entrance brace it with the broken Armadillo. Flint asks for the book of matches given to her by Burke and explains they will pay a visit to the motel once they escape.

While Zartan continues his assault on the cave, Flint turns toward the back of the cave and suggests that there may be an exit. The Dreadnoks continue to shoot at the boulder blocking the caves entrance while the Joes reach a dead end in the cave. However, Lady Jaye notices the sunlight on her glove and the Joes then climb up and through a hole at the top of the cave.

Crouching near the edge of a cliff, the Joes see what Flint believes is half the Cobra army. Monkeywrench destroys the boulder thanks to some TNT while Flint and Cross Country climb down the cliff to knock out some Motor Vipers guarding two Cobra Stuns. Flint orders Dial-Tone and Lady Jaye to find some clues about Burke’s location at the Desert Dunes Motel while he and Cross Country try to keep Cobra off their backs. “Be careful,” Lady Jaye tells him. “You know me,” Flint replies.

Flint and Cross Country attack the group of Stuns and the Motor Vipers chase after them despite Zartan yelling at them through a megaphone that two other Joes are behind them. The Dreadnoks race out of the cave on their motorcycles and Flint reverses his Stun's course and drives towards the pursuing Cobra Stuns.

Cross Country shoots the center Stun and watches it crash into the other Cobra vehicles.

Thrasher slams the Thundermachine into the side of Flint and Cross Country’s Stun, so Flint retaliates by crashing against Thrasher. Zartan angrily orders Thrasher to control himself, however, the Dreadnok demands revenge while lining up the Joes' Stun in his gun's sights.

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