Doesn't look like the kid has the goods.
  -- Duke (regarding the psychic ability of Airborne's brother)
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"Gotta problem, pilgrim?"
- Quick Kick (to Storm Shadow before before defeating several Crimson Guards)

The sea lions climb onto Alpine and Bazooka's floating chunk of ice and crawl toward the Joes. Alpine suggests that they "rock the boat" so they jam their weapons into the ice, take turns shifting their weight and cause the ice to sway and knock the creatures back into the sea. However, the sea lions climb back onto the ice and renew their attack. Nunchakus strike the sea lions and they again fall into the sea.

The man who helps the Joes yells for them to row to shore and leaps down to confront several Crimson Guards and Storm Shadow. "Gotta problem, pilgrim?" he asks. Punching, swatting and kicking the Crimson Guards aside as they attack him, the mysterious stranger begins to batter Storm Shadow around like a ragdoll.

The final blows of the battle occur when the two opponents rush toward each other, leap into the air and kick one another in mid-air. When they land they turn to face one another Storm Shadow falls to the ground. Turning toward the Joes and tossing a line to reel them onto shore, the helpful stranger introduces himself as Quick Kick, a Hollywood stuntman who was abandoned by his director while filming a Frozen Fudgies commercial.

Quick Kick helps support Bazooka and the trio become fast friends before diving into a snowbank as a Cobra HISS tank drives by them. Major Bludd activates the third cube and Quick Kick, Alpine and Bazooka hitch a ride on Major Bludd's HISS by hanging on underneath the tank. Bazooka asks if Quick Kick has Fudgies. As Quick Kick hands out the treats, he sings the candy's jingle:
"Frozen Fudgies, really sweet
lots of chocolate, what a treat
full of taffy, raisins and nuts
that melts in your mouth
and turns to lead in your guts."
Alpine thinks the food tastes disgusting, but Bazooka loves the candy.

On the aircraft carrier, Roadblock reads Tomax his two rights - Roadblock's two fists. However, Tomax calmly tells Admiral Ledger, Flint and Scarlett that he will talk and that the answer lies in his Cobra insignia, which glows brightly and blinds the Joes temporarily. Tomax is spotted climbing a ladder and Flint and Roadblock pursue him. Pulling out a knife, Tomax cuts two electrical wires which fly down toward the Joes, but Lady Jaye grabs the wires and Flint and Roadblock continue their pursuit. Tomax attempts to slide along a line but Roadblock plucks the line and the vibration causes Tomax to fall to the ground.

Destro, the Baroness, Cobra Commander and Xamot view a hologram of the pyramid of darkness and discuss the progress of the project until Xamot falls to the ground and mimics his brother's fall. Cobra Commander asks what's wrong with him and Destro explains that Xamot shares a psychic bond with Tomax and is feeling his brother's experiences. "How revolting," says Cobra Commander. Flint catches Tomax, handcuffs him and leads him to jail.

Xamot explains that he is able to feel where his brother is being held and points the Sea of Lost Souls, a location near the last cube's home. Xamot demands from Cobra Commander that he be allowed to lead an expedition to free his brother. At first, Cobra Commander refuses his request, but after Xamot reminds him that Extensive Enterprises, a company owned and operated by Tomax and Xamot, has funded the pyramid of darkness project, Cobra Commander allows him to free his brother. When the Crimson Guard Commander leaves, Destro and the Baroness realize why Cobra Commander allowed Tomax to leave: fewer partners with whom to share the world.

Satin tells the guard at the Cobra base that he had better buy insurance if he and his troops make Satin and her musicians late for a gig at Cobra Temple. The guard orders Shipwreck and Snake Eyes to exit the van. And the Joes, Timber and Polly come out of the van in costumes and begin to dance while Satin sings. Knocking the guards out, Satin yells "Joe yo."

"You mean 'Yo Joe'," says Shipwreck. "Don't get technical," Satin tells him. "Just move!" Transforming her van into an armored van, Satin drives past the guards firing at her, rips past a wire gate and then smashes through a brick wall.

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