Anyone can use a weapon, but the ninja is a weapon.
  -- Storm Shadow (after the Dreadnoks finish boasting and destroying a tank)
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"Hitler had a canary, Attila the Hun liked goldfish. What can I tell you?"
- Shipwreck (explaining to a Cobra foreman that Polly and Timber are Destro's pets)

As the walls with spikes close in on Shipwreck and the Joes, Snake Eyes tries to push the wall to slow its progress and Timber snarls at the circular saw blades on the ground. Shipwreck continues to utter the passwords in various voices, but a matching tone is still not found on the Cobra Computer systems. Finally, Polly, Shipwreck's quirky and sassy pet parrot, utters the passwords and the deadly security devices stop their approach. As the Joes enter the construction area, the robot tells them, "Have a nice day."

Inside the underground construction area, four black cubes are being built. Shipwreck places a homing device on one of the cubes and is questioned by the foreman about what he is doing. Stuttering and playing the fool, Shipwreck annoys the foreman, who tells Shipwreck: "You're supposed to be earning your pay, snakeling." The Joes walk away but are stopped and questioned about Polly and Timber. Shipwreck walks to the foreman and tells him that he can have the pets for target practice as long as he doesn't tell Destro. Surprised by the mentioning of Destro's name, the foreman is then told by Shipwreck: "Hitler had a canary, Attila the Hun liked goldfish. What can I tell you?" The Joes leave after the foreman threatens them to take care of the animals.

Flint thanks Admiral Ledger for allowing the Joes establish a temporary base on his aircraft carrier. The Admiral tells Flint that he runs a tight ship and, as he points to Lady Jaye, continues to explain that he believes women are bad luck at sea. Lady Jaye calmly tells the Admiral that the idea of women being bad luck at sea is simply an old navy superstition. "'Old Navy' is what I am. I've been at sea for so long whales ask me for directions," he replies.

Shipwreck's homing beacon sends a signal on Joe Frequency that allows Admiral Ledger to receive the coordinates of a Cobra transport carrying a cube to a "cute volcanic vacation spot" known as the Devil's Playground. The Admiral adds that the area is no place for a lady. Lady Jaye glares at the Admiral and Flint rubs his chin and says, "Well, I will need someone to maintain surveillance on the carrier." Turning to Flint, Lady Jaye responds, "And I'm sure you'll pick the right man for the job." The generic Joes shout in unison "Yo Joe" and rush to the flight deck. Flint tells the Admiral that Lady Jaye is not just a lady but she is also his teammate, and he then rushes out to join the rest of the Joes.

On Space Station Delta, the Fatal Fluffies and the Dreadnoks crack whips and make wise-crack remarks to keep the Joes working in a zero gravity environment. Dusty and Mutt wonder about why Zartan is not incinerating more Joe bases on Earth. After one of the Fatal Fluffies tells Dusty to get back to work, Dusty tells the creature that he loves his job so much that he even wrote a song.

However, the Fatal Fluffy cracks the whip and again yells, "Work!" Dusty tells Mutt that they need to send a message to the Joes on Earth, but Mutt growls and tells him that it's not going to be easy because of the Fluffies and Dreadnoks. However, Dusty shares with Mutt a plan that is immediately communicated to the other Joes via hand signals.

Flailing his arms and shouting "No more," Dusty acts crazy so that he can force his way to the gravity control panel and bring gravity back to the station. The Fatal Fluffies and the Dreadnoks, who were once floating in the air, fall to the ground and Dusty dashes to the control center to send his message to the Joes. Reaching the end of the shaft, Dusty jumps and falls to the bottom and hopes that Mutt has perfect timing.

Just as Dusty reaches the bottom Mutt turns the gravity back on and Dusty runs/floats to the control room. He bursts into the room continuing to act like a slave who needs gravity to work. As Zartan's Fatal Fluffies grab Dusty, the Dreadnoks run into the Fatal Fluffies and Dusty and they all fall to the ground.

Dusty notices a picture of the pyramid of darkness on Zartan's screen and Duke tries to tell Dusty to contact the Joes but Duke is knocked out by a Fluffy restraining him.

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