Hey! It ain’t like he flushed it down the sewer.
  -- Shipwreck (to Lady Jaye after Dr. Mullaney places a formula inside his subconscious)
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Credits: written by Ron Friedman

Production Number: 600-38

Original Airdate: September 17, 1985

G.I.Joe: Snake Eyes, Shipwreck, Polly, Timber, Admiral Ledger, Flint, Lady Jaye, Joe grunts, Dusty, Mutt, Junkyard, Duke, Airtight, Roadblock, Footloose, Alpine, Bazooka Cobra: Buzzer, Ripper, Torch, Zartan, Cobra Commander, Destro, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: USS Flagg, Skystriker, WHALE Cobra: FANG, Ferret, CLAW


Ron Friedman was not given credit as the writer of the episode in the USA version.

Junkyard was incorrectly inked as gray rather than black. As a result, he appears like Timber.

Satin's gray stockings were not colored in for this shot, a type of inking error that was repeated in "Worlds Without End - Part II."

If you examine the two images carefully, you will notice that some of the generic sailors and soldiers disappeared for a few moments.

Admiral Ledger: But that’s no place for a lady, Flint.
Flint: I will need someone to maintain surviellance on the carrier...
Lady Jaye: And I’m sure you’ll find the right man for the job.
Everyone: Yo Joe!
Flint: She’s not just a lady, Admiral Ledger - she’s my teammate. Yo Joe!
Time: 28 seconds


Dusty: Right, handsome. We love to work. Matter of fact, I even wrote a song about it:
When you slave for a Cobra
it sure is neat
to do your work
to a boogy-woogy beat
just let feet tape and move
while the prisoners groove
with a rodie-dodio-beat
Fatal Fluffy: Work!
Mutt: All right already!
Dusty: We’ve got to get in the control room, find out what’s going on here and then get word back to earth.
Mutt: Lots of luck. First you’ve got to get past those scuzzy fuzzies and then there are those knuckle-headed Dreadnoks. Man, even ol’ Junkyard would have trouble slipping through all of the security.
Dusty: I didn’t say it’d be easy, Mutt! Waitaminute! I got an idea!
Mutt: What is it?
Dusty: Sshh!
Time: 48 seconds


Shipwreck: Faster, Sanke Eyes. Pump faster!
Polly: No visitors!
Time: 7 seconds

Original: Tomax and Xamot place thrusters on shuttle; Fluffies become evil; Space Station Delta hits the Joes’ headquarters; 3-D demonstration of Cobra's plan; water robot hits Snake Eyes with an old ship; and Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Timber and Polly are trapped while entering through Cobra security.

USA Network: (Sgt. Slaughter narrates) Shuttle flies into space; Zartan rips off his mask; Fluffies breathe fire and shoot guns; Joe headquarters is attacked; Flint comments that they are going to start biting back; Cobra Commander stands and shouts: “Cobra will rule fovever” (neither the animation nor the dialogue occured during the first episode); Snake Eyes and Shipwreck drive SHARCs, arrive at at a tunnel and are attacked by water robots before seen at a Cobra security station (sequences of events are shown out of order); robot tells them to "have a nice day" (a line from part two, so the shot doesn’t match dialogue)

Original: shot of club entrance; Satin on stage; Alpine yodels to bury Major Bludd in an avalanch; clay statues; a shot of a cube being ignited.

USA Network: Snake Eyes et al backstage in the dark; Alpine in an avalanche; Roadblock and others in the City of the Dead shooting skeletons and stone statues

Original: According to Blowtorch, if a fire starts in the house, your first priority is to get out of the house; then call for help from a neighbor's phone.
USA: If you are using spray paint, be sure to have adequate ventilation so that you are not harmed by the dangerous vapors notes Dial-Tone.


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